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Project ARMS

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3.228 out of 5 from 862 votes
Rank #2,231

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
AimyRobens Dropped     not rated
aka9t Dropped 11   not rated
akma Dropped 5   2.5 star rating
Akusai Dropped 26   not rated
AlanDNelson Dropped     not rated
Alaska Dropped 1   not rated
Amazerath Dropped 18   not rated
Anikyn Dropped 5   not rated
AnimalSoldier Dropped 15   2 star rating
AnnanFay Dropped 6   1 star rating
arahij Dropped 5   2.5 star rating
aredz Dropped     2.5 star rating
Arlocanta Dropped 16   not rated
Art385 Dropped 6   not rated
arthrael Dropped     not rated
atomisk Dropped 16   2.5 star rating
avedenik1 Dropped     not rated
AzraelusGuy Dropped 1   1.5 star rating
BadbCatha Dropped 3   not rated
basnein Dropped 3   not rated
battlehawk Dropped     not rated
Bejarid Dropped 1   not rated
bleedah Dropped     1.5 star rating
BloodWings Dropped 10   not rated
bobdoe Dropped     not rated
Bormannus Dropped 4   2.5 star rating
brad0804 Dropped 26   3 star rating
broinas Dropped 2   not rated
Camhadqr Dropped 4   3 star rating
camocanine Dropped 6   0.5 star rating
Capstan50g Dropped 3   2.5 star rating
ChaosZero Dropped 2   not rated
cheetosandmovies Dropped     not rated
cilesazer Dropped     not rated
crazyboy2737 Dropped     not rated
Cynical8 Dropped 8   not rated
Daegalus Dropped     not rated
dagother Dropped 4   3 star rating
danielash Dropped     not rated
darath Dropped     not rated
darkin Dropped     2.5 star rating
DarkSigma Dropped 16   2 star rating
darkvegeta Dropped     not rated
Das Dropped 3   1 star rating
dawnelkin Dropped 2   2 star rating
DeathBahamut Dropped 2   not rated
Deathcrisis Dropped 1   not rated
demensmagnet Dropped 6   2 star rating
dj8900 Dropped     not rated
DmonHiro Dropped 3   0.5 star rating