Professor Dan Petory's Blues

OVA (1 ep x 10 min)
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What kind of things could you learn from a hand puppet? Professor Dan Petory is here to save the day, and his topic of the hour is UFOs. With the background accompaniment of the Soybean Sisters, this ten minute short answers a variety of important questions including why do UFOs fly in a zig zag pattern, what do aliens look like, and why constellations appear the way they do?

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Mar 20, 2005
Score 5/10

I love anything Studio 4C, for the most part. Digital Juice is the only thing I’ve seen that I haven’t enjoyed very much (though I still think I enjoyed it more than this), so needless to say, I was excited to see this had come out. What I walked away with was a feeling of disappointment.

As far as a plot, you’ll have a hard time finding one. Then again, Studio 4C shorts... read more

Omurqi's avatar by Omurqi on Oct 9, 2009
Score 3/10

Ugh, that was terrible. It starts out with a scene with a woman and a man in the background having a conversation. At this point, I had high hopes for this short-movie. These sparks of hope were crushed soon enough though: only 2 minutes in it takes a 180 degree turn from something with nice visuals and a somewhat promising plot into something HORRIBLE.From that point on, you'll only be shown CG. Not just... read more



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