Prism Ark

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Wind Land, the kingdom of knights, was on the verge of an invasion by their enemy, the Sablum Empire. After many years of war, a temporary truce between Sablum and Wind Land was established; but after the Sablum Empire broke the truce, Wind Land must take the offense and train a new group of knights and sorcerers to protect the land. Hyaweh, an unexpected swordsman, and Priecia, the rumored surviving princess of Wind Land, enroll in the academy of knights together to protect what they cherish most. Together with the help of their friends, Hyaweh and Priecia must defeat the evil of the Sablum Empire and protect their homeland.

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RedH's avatar by RedH on Dec 7, 2015
Score 7.8/10

Actually, the story and romance was very good. Though,  it would have been better if they added what happened in the after confessing and saving the... (I forgot what it was called..) But,.really, I liked how did they did the plot and also how they did at the beginning. I really wish they added something at the end...(crying) read more

TALESHUNTER1's avatar by TALESHUNTER1 on May 22, 2011
Score 5/10

A short review for a so-so anime. Don't blame me. Hmm... let's start out with the story. Basically, it's a fiction based on the crusades, where two oppsing forces fight in order to reclaim a sacred land. I found some country's name interesting, such as the Unified kingdom and Lussia (-_-), but that's irelevant. The story would've been good, if they had FINISHED it. It's just like Inuyasha's... read more

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