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Nov 24, 2009

If animes could be compared to different kind of meals, then Princess Princess would be described as dish without any flavour. You know the kind of food, that would get very tasty if the chef decided to make it spicy or sour, but he didn't. You eat it and have completely no emotions towards it. It's neither bad nor good and after you finish the meal,you will forget about the taste very soon.

Story - 4/10

Once again anime ventures into mysterious world of all-boys high school, or at least the womans dellusion of what this place should look like. In order to calm the raging desires of young boys, cut off from supply of girls, an institution of "princesses" is born. That function is offered (or forced in one case) to beatiful 1st years, with girly features. Their task is to brighten the school mood, by putting on girls clothes and makeup and pose as school idols. Of course it's not unprofittable labor. The benefits for claiming the position of princess greatly outweight the sacrifice of male pride - at least, that's how the transfer student, Kouno sees it. With him joining the other 2 princesses, who are already working, the exciting and full of suprises high school life begins.... is what I'd like to say. Unfortunately the basic idea behind the show is pretty much the only interesting part of Princess princess.

Lack of solid plot is not unusual occurence for high school comedy type of anime. Not looking far away Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, a fellow gender-bender anime is in the similar situation. However where Otoboku entertains with small but cute dramas and some romantic developments, Princess Princess have nothing to offer. The gender-bending idea is almost completely left alone, as it comes down to repetetive shots of princesses waving and smiling (only the costumes they're wearing changes).There are some tries at bringing drama to this show, but they are shot down by poor execution. Either blown out of proportions, too slowly paced or resolved in ridicolous fashion -  those attempts at serious content fail miserably. The comedy, despite the great potential gender-bender genre brings, is at non-existent level. Unless of course someone finds putting a bucket on a person head, in order for him to learn how to sing, a hilarious joke.

At some point I started wondering what is the purpose of this anime. It's not the story, that's certain. It's neither comedy nor drama, since they're both weak. Than what's left? Warm, slice-of-life fun? Not really, they would need to create mood to achieve that, and there isn't any. Shounen-ai romance? Nope, there is hardly any of that in Princess Princess (one non-sincere kiss and close friendship can't be called shounen-ai).Then... bishounen fest perhaps? Again wrong. If female oriented fanservice would be the purpose of this show, than it should put more focus on providing some visually appealing shots of the boys. And apart from repetive "smile + waving hand" and few shots of student counsil president/former Sakamoto-sama there is hardly anything of that kind in here. Basicly - this show serves no real purpose. It provides an interesting start and nothing beyond that. For 12 episodes it tries to find a path for itself, but in the end it's simply a failure.

Animation - 5.5/10

One of the most annoying thing about many animes, is the belief, that character hair should be done in paint, by randomly picking colors. If the show manages to defend itself with the great story (like Higurashi did) than this may go ovelooked.  But in case of this show, that is already unimpressive enough, the green and blue hair is just a final nail in it's coffin. Now combine it with lots of long, still frames with minimal movement and you get quite a pathetic result. The most appealing part of the animation where the chibi versions of main trio.

Sound - 6/10

Lack of flavour that follows the whole anime, can be noticed in sound quality as well. There is no remarkable background music, but no crappy one either. Both opening and ending are weak, j-pop pieces - the kind that makes me skip past them. Finally the voice acting is good, but again - nothing oustanding. Basicly the sound of the anime is proper, but I wouldn't want to hear it outside the show.

Characters - 4.5/10 

With their unimpressive personality I figured, that characters were based only on their looks. Kouno looks normal, so he is acting the most rational of the three. Mikoto is a redhead, so he is playing the tsundere role ( actually watching him being teased is the only amusement I had in this show). And finally Shihoudani is a long-haired pretty boy, so he is the most dishonest, yet the most insightful of them. Their past could be interesting, but it's ridiculed by the "blow it out of proportions" approach. Rest is hardly worth mentioning, since they are even more one-dimensional.

Overall - 4.7/10

This show is watchable. Just like commercials before the movies in the cinemas are watchable. But would you go out of your way, and watch them if not for the fact, that you came there to see a movie, that will be played just after they end? I don't think so. And this is the case with Princess Princess. You can go, and watch it - but what's the point? The show have absolutely nothing to offer and just slowly wastes your time. Not reccommended.

4/10 story
5.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
4.7/10 overall
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Jan 22, 2014

This was one of the "woulda, shoulda, coulda, but didn't" anime - it had a good setup, decent cast, but just....left it so to speak. It just....was not what it could have been.
The story itself focuses on how at a very posh, hard-to-get-into all male academy. However, this particular academy has a tradition - to take a carefully selected group of first years and have them crossdress so as to make the school more cheery and to essentially be the school's "idols". Only thing is that they must not be found out; so as to not "expose" the truth (pun intended). But for their hard and "pride hurting" work, there are rewards that are offered to the participants.

Unfortunately, though, it's never fully elaborated on. The show essentially didn't focus on what it could (or should) have been (it went from drama to comedy to S.O.L., etc.). It could have been a shounen-ai, but there was only ever one kiss. It could have been a complete slice-of-life comedy, but the comedy was never really elaborated on. It could have just been a semi-informative "how to" of crossdressing, but wasn't. So what you have to go on is essentially the plot basis itself.

The sound was redeeming for the show - the opening/endings were catchy for the most part, but were dated. The classical background added to the "posh, well-to-do" atmosphere that was supposed to be conveyed. Both positives for the series. Animation, while dated, was also good. But the multicolored hairstyles were a bit hard to understand.

Overall, though, it wasn't a bad series; like at all. It was just...never fully elaborated. That was essentially it's downfall.

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Nov 27, 2011

There was no real story in this anime but it was still funny. 

The animation was good, the background , effects and timinting as well made this anime real fun and enjoyable. 

The sound was like classical which fit the theme a little but i wasn't a fan of the sound in this anime.

The characters were really funny,, they worked well together so they made the story better. But at the same time since it was short they rushed the characters overall apperence or personality/devolpment. 

Overal i give this 7/10 because it made my day and this anime made me laugh. 

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jan 3, 2017

It's really a shame because this could have been a much better show. As it is, it's entertaining in a brainless kind of way...I watched it all in one go, and I admit I did laugh a couple of times. So yeah, it's not that bad, but I honestly won't watch it again and I don't know if I would recommend it. Certainly not if you want to watch something meaningful, emotionally involving, that gets you thinking or even laughing your head off. Because this doesn't do any of those things.

The setting is an all-boy school which has the unusual tradition of dressing up some good-looking first year students as princesses; the princesses' job is to attend events, cheer during matches and generally go around the school smiling and waving to hosts of adoring boys that find their presence comforting despite knowing they are really just fellow boy students dressed up as girls. Our protagonist, a transfer student, upon arrival is selected as a candidate princess alongside the other two, already announced, princesses of that year. Obviously, many comedic moments spring up from this kind of setting because the premise of an all-boys school with a princess-system, while a but whacky, is however fun. The attempt at character development brings out some other more dramatic themes. There's also a smidge of BL in there. So it's as if the creators couldn't decide on a definite genre for this anime, mixing in a bit of this and a bit of that - and this is exactly it's greatest flaw. There's some comedy which makes you smile and even laugh a couple of times, but it's not that great: it never really gets hilarious. There's a bit of drama, but not developed well at all. The love story could have been interesting, but it's just a hint. So in the end, while mildly amusing, it's nonetheless lacking...a definite flavour. I'm sorry to say, but it will most defininetely be easily forgotten. 

The characters are likeable and there is also some development as well as some flashbacks into their past in order to give us a better understanding of them. But nothing deep, so for the most part they stay clichèd and monodimensional. As for the comedy, the best parts in my opinion were the ones when the blond Yuujirou teased the red-haired Mikoto. Tooru and Yuujirou's relationship shows a lot of promise and some interesting cues for development - but it obviously isn't developed nearly at all.

The story isn't particularly complicated, it revolves around our transfer student, his adapting to the new school and his job as a princess, making friends with the other two princesses, coming to terms with some unresolved family matters. In relation to the plot there are some situations that in my view could have lead to some nice development, I'm referring to Tooru, Yuujirou and also Sakamoto's family relationships.

Overall, it's a cute anime I'd only recommend if you want to watch something light and distracting that doesn't require much attention.   

4.5/10 story
5.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4.8/10 characters
4.8/10 overall
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Aug 13, 2010

Story: The story wasn't the worst but it wasn't the absolute best either. It definitely takes a couple of episodes for you to really get into the whole story. There could have been a bit more dramatic trouble for our princesses. The major problem that I found with this storyline was that it was very unsatisfactory. Like the end I definitely felt there should have been something more so the audience would get a clear cut ending.  

Animation: Animation was also not that bad. They did a great work with the emotions but I always thought they could switch up on the outfits a bit. But they did a great job with it all. 

Sound: Sound was good maybe the opening and endings could have been a little better but who am I to judge I'm not even a musician and everybody's got their own taste so yah. But they also could have given the picture motions more of a dramatic effect by adding some more back ground music to certain situations that goes on. 

Characters: They were all good. The only bad thing about them is that it still feels like I don't really know them that well after seeing their story. 

Overall: Good coulda given us more insight into the story and make the story more dynamic. 

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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