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Princess Mononoke

Alt titles: Mononoke Hime

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With the rise of the Iron Age in feudal Japan, man and nature grow increasingly at odds. As mankind infringes more and more into the kingdom of the beasts, many of the elder animal gods begin to succumb to their rage, cursing themselves as they lash out at rural and urban settlements alike. When a young Ashitaka, hero of his village, is imparted with one of these curses after slaying a crazed god, he forces himself into exile to prevent further harm to his village. As he ventures out into the world, however, he discovers just how dire the straights have become - with man and beast ready to break into all out war, his curse becomes the least of his problems. As both sides teeter dangerously on the side of outright slaughter of one another, Ashitaka sets his own problems aside and, using his charisma and honor, seeks to quell the hatred before it gets beyond repair - but will he be in time or is he simply delaying the inevitable?

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Princess Mononoke 1997 TBD
Name Role
Hayao MIYAZAKI Director
Toshio SUZUKI Producer

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Princess Mononoke Sheex 8/10 Apr 30, 2008
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Princess Mononoke kenikki 10/10 Jun 27, 2013
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Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
  • Movie (1 ep x 117 min)
  • 1984

One thousand years after the Giant Warriors caused an apocalyptic event known as the seven days of fire, humans are living in constant fear of the Toxic Jungle. This ever-spreading forest is filled with poisonous plants and gigantic monstrous insects; even the very air is deadly. Nausicaa is the kind and wise princess of a small, peaceful country known as the Valley of the Wind, which has so far avoided the spread of the forest. One night a large airship containing one of the Giant Warriors crashes into the valley. The following day soldiers from the powerful nation of Tolmekia invade the Valley of the Wind to reclaim and revive the warrior. As the only one who truly believes that there is a way for humans to live alongside the insects, Nausicaa must find a way to stop the war that now threatens her people and protect the Toxic Jungle before the Tolmekians burn it to the ground.

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Not only are both Ghibli films, but both deal with a girl who can communicate with animals of the forest.
Aside from both being beautifully done Ghibli films, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke follow the stories of protagonists protecting what they believe in and working to bring together the worlds of beast and men
In both movies you find a similar theme, where man and nature are in somekind of conflict. The leading lady of both movies also share a somewhat similar power, which allows them to communicate with animals and beasts. This power gives them a much higher understanding of the nature and therefor strive to achieve peace and balance between the two. A 'must watch' for all the anime fans out there. Even though Nausicaa is a little older anime, it is still visually absuletly stunning even with todays standards.
Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa have a somewhat simular theme, giant beasts of nature and humankind trying to save them from these beasts. A girl who seems to be able to communicate with these beasts tries to make a truce. From character design to plot, these feel the same, though brought quite differently. Definitely worth checking out.
Both of these films share not only excellent Ghibli animation and production values, but the same central concern of the conflict between man and nature. Miyazaki apparently wasn't satisfied with the optimistic ending of Nausicaa, feeling the complex issues it explored could not be resolved so easily. The slightly darker Mononoke, over ten years later, is his response to this. However, they are both excellent films, and having watched one, you should track down the other to see the slightly different attitude.

Nausicaa has the same Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki features that you like about Princess Mononoke. There's high production quality in both films. People are upsetting natural systems to everyone's peril, as in Mononoke. There's a young, strong female lead character, as in Mononoke. Villains are well-developed complex characters who aren't really just villains, as in Mononoke. Since the character designs were by Miyazaki, the look and feel is very similar. There's plenty of action in both films as well.


Both Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke have strong-willed females as the main characters. The girls have the ability to communicate with animals, and both stories have similar plots where humanity is destroying nature (much like real life.)  They are also both wonderful Ghibli films.


Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa are two of a kind; both are placed in a distant time, but are so very contemporary in their quest for harmony between man and his environment. Nature plays a vast role in these two stories, and if you liked the way one of them explores the subject, you'll surely like another view. The main protagonists are torn between their love for the wild and the love for their own kind, and try changing the world they live in. Each is a beautifully drawn saga of lush and exotic realms that echo of our own.


Both films were created by the same director and studio (Studio Ghibli). They also have a similar theme of nature versus mankind, and a similar mood. If you liked one of these you would probably like the other as well. I think both are fantastic.


Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa are from the same author, and they clearly fit together. In fact, Nausicaa and Mononoke almost look the same!!!!

Both take place in an imaginary world with imaginary creatures. Unlike other films from this author, both contain conflict and as well as 'bad guys'.


In both these Studio Ghibli movies, Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke, you find a similar theme, where man and nature are in some kind of conflict, but while Princess Mononoke shows the origin of the conflict, how man started to exploited nature, in Nausicaa we are shown where this exploitation is leading.


Whilst the obvious connection between these two films is that they are from the mind of Hayao Miyazaki, both Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind and Princess Mononoke share some key points. Both are about the struggle between the natural world and the human world, so if you like this sort of story then you're set. Both films are beautifully made and if you like one, the chances are that you will like the other.


Strong ecological themes run through both of these films. Both centre around the lives of two women who have become quite in tune with nature and with the creatures that exist in their world, although we will be introduced to these women in slightly different ways and at different points of the story. Yet this harmony is now threatened, and both of our eco-warriors, Mononoke and Nausicaä, must fight to protect their worlds. Despite both being fearsome fighters they truly yearn for peace.

The threats in both cases come from greedy warlords who want to take without giving, thus upsetting the balance of things. The scale of the God Warrior in Nausicaä and the Forest Spirit in Mononoke are also very impressive and help to give perspective and scale to the lush, rich backgrounds that are displayed throughout. Two epic adventures.


Coming from the same mind, these movies both star strong, brave, and intellegent women who care greatly for their people (or wolves) and want to protect nature. They will always protect what they believe in, even when someone tries to stop them.

Of course, the fantasic creatures that reside in these worlds also push the mind to its sanity limit. Things that you never could have imagined can be found in both Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa. Truly you can't appreciate one and not the other!


Both are created by Miayzaki and studio Ghibli and they contain special view of life, they both deal with environmental problem. Both are about a girl with special powers to help people.


Both Nausicaaa and Princess Mononoke are movies created by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli and both feature Miyazaki's classic style of storytelling. Both movies have an underlying environmental preservation message. Nausicaa takes place in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by human advancement that has been reclaimed by nature while Princess Mononoke is set within a forest where the forest inhabitants are battling with the enroaching humans. Both are classic stories and are a must see for any anime fan.


Making recommendations for Hayao Miyazaki films is almost useless. This director has it’s own style in graphics and storytelling which is hard to be muddled. His every film share same ideas and attitude about life. All characters in his films act almost the same, naturally, following their own heart and without hesitation. So if you’ve seen one of Hayao-sama films and get excited go and watch the rest.

Here we go with Mononoke and Nausicaa. Except favorite Miyazaki’s mysteries girls which have special ability (for example to communicate with strange creatures) or artifact you’ll find in these movies his other favorite feature – a relationship between humans and nature. You won’t find explanations about how to prevent global warming or decrease environment pollution. Those films mostly based on special Japanese perception of the world which arise from Shinto. So all battles in reality are only reflection of battles in their hearts.


Both movies have deffinately the studio Ghibli seal on them; they are both classics! That is basicaly one reason why if you liked one you'll love the other, still, I wouldn't say that is the main reason.... Both stories deal with the subject of nature and its destruction. If you felt it was a theme that touched you in Mononoke Hime, you will love Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa.

You'll discover that both movies have lot's of things in common, sometimes tangible and others, not so much!



Not only do Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke exist in exquisite worlds imagined by Hayao Miyazaki but they also address similar themes of environmentalism and explore the effects humanity has had upon nature. Both movies suggest that man will ravage the earth, but also that the bond between man and nature can be reforged even through the devastation.


Both are adventure anime with a woman as one of the main characters. There is no shortage of butt kicking by either female or male characters in either movie. They are also made by the same person so you may see many of the same type of theme's in both.

They both also base around Animal like Monsters/demons. If you like drama,adventure, or females kicking butt then you will love these movies!


Both of the animes has a very similar feeling. In contrast to the others of Hayao Miyazakis films (except Laputa: Castle in the Sky) these two are quite epic.


if you like princess mononoke then definately checkout valley of the wind. they are the exact same message but nausicaa (im talking about the movie here) seemed less preachy and more honest to me. besides that, they are mirror images of one another.


Both being studio Ghibli films, despite the age differences, we can see many similar animation, music, and story production values. Not only are the production values similar but plot elements and other pieces actually seemed to be reused. However both are still distinctly unique films and if you liked the story in one then you should find common ground in the other.


Both films are greatly done by Miyazaki, and feature themes based around preserving nature and environmental issues caused by humans. 


Nausicca and Princess Mononoke are both the type of movies that talk about humans, nature and animals not living peacefully. They are both fantasy themed with strange creatures. I'm sure you would definately like one if you liked the other. They are also made by the same studio.


Both are Miyazaki films that emphasize the importance of the balance and co-existence between man and nature, following a neutral and kid-hearted character who carries the interest of both sides at heat.


Both Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind are anime concerned with the environment, and feature a strong-willed female protagonist who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect the environment she loves. Although Nausicaa pre-dates the formation of Studio Ghibli, many still consider it to be a Ghibli film.  Since Hayao Miyazaki directed both films and both films have music scored by Joe Hisaishi, these both have the same lush and rich animation feel to them.


Both ar Ghibli, which means both are fantastic.  Both involve nature versus humanity, and a girl trying to bridge the gap.  The art is increidble.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away
  • Movie (1 ep x 125 min)
  • 2001

Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new home, when they discover an abandoned amusement park. After Chihiro's family mysteriously turn into pigs, she is thrown into a surreal world of magic and fantasy. Join her as she struggles to survive in the bathhouse of the gods, ruled by an evil witch who has stolen not only her name, but her way back to the real world.

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However you define what made Mononoke so fantastic is no doubt present in Spirited Away. It maybe attributable to the sheer creativity of Ghibli, giving the audience something that they've never seen before. If you liked the imaginativeness of Mononoke, you'll be impressed with Spirited Away
Both have very stunning visual appearance and very extraordinary animals.
Spirited away really reminds me of Mononoke Hime. The art is really good and it got the same weird story. Spirits and ghosts are all over the movie and you are brought into a fantasy world.
If you like Princess Mononoke then you should watch Spirited Away the same style of cartoon and same verid story. both brings you in to the big world in fantasy.
have the same sort of feeling a world with strange creatures and fantasy. A movie that i enjoyed a lot.
Both series are great sagas, the settings, characters and plots is of top quality and makes u cuddle up in the sofa and forgett all about the snacks in front of u. U will get pulled into a magical story and feel like a kid again (unless u still are).
Besides the fact that both movies are a 'must watch' for all anime fans, they share a great deal of similarities. Both movies are full of fantasy creatures and spirits of many kind. Spirited Away contains slightly more magic than Mononoke Hime, but the themes aren't all that different.
If Princess monoke takes u away to an adventure filled with magical creatures and fantastic imagination, this film brings everything to a higher level. There is no end to miyazaki´s imagination in this one, there just aint no end to the different lifeforms here, when u think you´ve seen em all, he shows you another 20 in the next frame. I think Miyazaki´s films is much about the feeling he gives the audience, and almost all his films gives that feeling that is in P. Monoke and that is even stronger in Spirited away, the feeling of beeing brought to another world. If u liked monoke, wich i think is a beutiful movie then there is no way you´ll dislike Spirited away wich is most beutiful film he´s made. The only reason u could dislike it is if u think that miyazakis imagination has been roaming to freely in this one and just get to much. But that is the beuty in this film, to be able to loose yourself in his imagination.
Both Sprited Away and Princess Mononoke share more similarities than just being original epic films from Hayao Miyazaiki. One thing that stood out to me is their intriguing roots in Japanese animism.
Both movies are from Miyazaki Hayayo. Also called to be the japanese Disney. Nature is a living world in the japanese mythology and gods and spirits are everywhere. For example in rivers or in animals. The nature vs humankind theme can be found in both movies. Miyazaki is one of the few who dont do all with a computer. The music in both movies is a joy to hear and his employees passionatly drew the pictures which resulted in colorfully drawn and wonderfully animated movies.

Both Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are fun-filled tales of adventure and excitement, daring escapades and rigorous tasks.  There is a semblance of an undercurrent of something more than friendship between the main characters, and a whole lot of magic thrown in!


Both Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away take place in fantasy worlds. As you watch one, you can't help but be reminded of the other even though their plots are very different. They both incorporate magic and many other elements to create an unforgettable story.

If you enjoyed one, you will surely be able to appreciate the amazing plotline and characters of the other.


These beautifully animated films are a magical display of Hayao Miyazaki's fine ability as a director; both are fantasy-based tales of courage, love and personal journeys - if you're a fan of one, then it is without a doubt that you will love the other.


Both of these movies are thrilling, imaginative and beautiful. They are fantastic adventures with strange and unique creatures, wonderful characters, and a touching story with undertones of love (less pronounced, however, in Princess Mononoke than in Spirited Away). With amazing animation, to boot, if you liked one, you should surely check out the other.


Written by the same writer, both Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are great magical tales, if you liked Princess Mononoke you are bound to like Spirited Away (and vice versa).


Both are studio Ghibli movies with excellent quality animation with great style. Strong messages are presented in each.


Where Mononoke Hime is Miyazaki's iconic action and adventure epic, Spirited Away is Miyazaki's staple in the emotional realm. Though both series differ rather drastically in terms of actual story content and characterization, they carry that magical aura that only Miyazaki can truly bring out in such classic films. While Mononoke might sacrifice youthful vigor for graceful maturity, both movies are absolute essentials for any aniime fan's collection - they are the true height of Miyazaki glory.


Both Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are both done by the same artist, thus the art styles of both anime are basically the same. Both contain very odd and creative creatures, which I have really loved. If you are going to watch anime in English, I would say that these are just about the only ones worth watching. Most dubs suck, but Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke do a pretty great job.


These gripping stories are perfect for both children and adults alike. Their simple yet original plotlines will have you gripping your seat, with asortments of fantastical creatures and picturesqe backdrops you'll be stuck wondering which of miyazaki's masterpieces is the best!


These movies might be the best from the best in anime history! Both stories are fairytale like while Princess Mononoke is aimed for a slightly older audience which doesn't mean older or younger won't enjoy Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke, instead, I'm sure they'll still love it! Go and watch it, you won't have any regrets!


The style and art of these two movies are very similar though their themes are different. Both movies deal with gods and the supernatural and how they interact with humanity. Both films were also released in US theaters due to the popularity of their Japanese makers.


Both have interesing spiritual/mythological themes, fantastic storylines, and similar animation styles.


Both Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke have a strong supernatural element about them as they focus on the world of spirits. Both movies also show a developing relationship between the two central characters, in a romantic situation that may inevitably never be possible.


Although Spirited Away is a bit more of a lighthearted film, both are wonderful.. they are two of the most fantastic movies by Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, in my opinion. The music by Joe Hisaishi in both films is simply magical.


Studio Ghibli's two masterpeices. These both are about spirits, and the characters in these stories grow immensley (ESPECIALLY CHIHIRO) the animation is beautiful in both, and the soundtrack is amazing.


Worlds that while containing human elements tend to focus on the more fantastical of lore, and monsters that corrupt and consume. The heroes have a goal they are striving for and confront their fears in their path towards it. Both contain their fair share of blood and violence and while Mononoke is by far the more mature of the two, they are excellent watches and something even young adults/teens can get into.


Both by director Hayao Miyazaki exploring themes of young women needing to survive on their own.

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle
  • Movie (1 ep x 118 min)
  • 2004

The responsible Sophie led a relatively normal life, safe within the walls of the hat shop in which she works; for outside, it is rumored, the evil wizard Howl roams the land in his mobile black castle. After a chance and mystical encounter, poor Sophie finds herself transformed by a spell which makes her appear to be an old woman, and thus embarks on an adventure to find Howl’s castle and put an end to her curse. A mystical world of talking flames, sentient scarecrows and magic aplenty awaits those who seek the legendary Howl...

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Apart from both of these anime being a must see, they are also love stories (even though Howl's Moving Castle is more of a love story than Princess Mononoke). They are also made by the same company: Studio Ghibli.


To start off, both of these movies were directed by the animation genius Hayao Miyazaki. I would say that would be enough, but it probably isn't so I'll continue.

Both of these shows have a male and female protagonist that are bonded by love. Not only that, but they are both packed with adventure and drama, which is a favorite of Miyazaki. So I'll say this; you'll have to see one if you've seen the other. I recommend that you watch Princess Mononoke first because of the time difference between creating the two, and Miyazaki's style slightly changed as the time progressed.


Both Howl's and Princess Mononoke have a sense of hidden passion and mystery mixed in them.  The hero and heroine try to battle the forces of evil together, and overcome the powers threatening them.  Both movies are filled with magic and strange forces controlling the world in which the main characters live.


These beautifully animated films are a magical display of Hayao Miyazaki's fine ability as a director; both are fantasy-based tales of courage, love and personal journeys - if you're a fan of one, then it is without a doubt that you will love the other.


Both of these movies are thrilling, imaginative and beautiful. They are fantastic adventures with strange and unique creatures, wonderful characters, and a touching story, with undertones of love. With amazing animation, to boot, if you liked one, you should surely check out the other.


Hayao Miyazaki's Mononoke Hime and Howl's Moving Castle both play with the magic and elements of nature. In each, the protagonist is cursed or under the influence of a spell, and he/she must fight to liberate themselves and possibly find love. Like most Miyazaki films, these anime have a hidden message and are very beautiful; the music and animation is very good, too. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


Hayao Miyazaki has worked wonders on the screen in both of these movies, I have heard frequently from friends and anime colleagues that they enjoyed watching both of these movies.

Place faith in my judgment and my friends. I would EASILY recommend watching these two together. If you liked one, you WILL like the other.


another magical masterpiece done by miyazaki sensei portraiting the damage of human wars to the nature and spirits of the earth and showing the fact that one person not only can change her/his own fate but can save all those dear to him and including the planet which has given birth to him.


If you liked Princess Mononoke you'll like Howl's Moving Castle because its made by the same director and has some simliar themes.


The creator, Miyazaki is an amazing artist with a wild imagination. Now, the stories aren't that similar (but still hold the regular Japanese tradtons) but if you enjoyed Myazaki's work in Princess Mononoke, I am pretty sure that you will like Howl's movng castle!=]


With a main character who's cursed and a journey that ultimately leads to not only a cure but discovery, both of these Studio Ghibli films portray a world of new encounters and moving away from the past. As such, together with a fantastic soundtrack and animation, in liking just one will mean that the other is simply unmissable.


The main character is cursed someway or the other and has to go through a whole lot to get it lifted. For Sophie she meets a wizard who could use her help as much as she needs his. Ashitaka gets into the middle of a fight between the wolves and a group of villagers and eventually gets help from San the wolf princess who is human.



It isn't unusual for a person to feel that the world around them is strange and has unexpected secrets lying just beyond their sight. However, for most people this is just an occasional sensation that greets them upon awakening or chases them into sleep. For the mushi researcher Ginko, it isn't a feeling at all; it is a knowledge which guides his travels and motivates his life. Found in the cracks between what is conceivable and what is not, are the varied life forms collectively known as mushi. They surround us and affect us, but their intensely different nature makes them unrecognizable to most. Ginko brings these life forms into perspective for the lives of those most affected and most in need of an explanation.

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Obviously both anime deal with themes of nature, Japanese tradition and mythology. Both authors question the "common sense reality" by introducing magical elements and experiences in order to consider the social development of fictional pre-industrial Japan towards a more rational and modern society. Mononoke and Mushishi rely their soundtracks and beautiful drawings as primary sources of cinematic atmosphere.


Both Mushishi and Princess Mononoke have the same spiritual nature feel to them. Both are very serious titles, with a slightly dark tone, and have a lot of spiritual things interacting with humans. These two titles are very creative, beautiful, and have a lot of great scenes with awesome nature scenery.


Mushi-shi was renowned in Japan for its elegant background and the same could be said for any of Hayao Miyasaki's works. Therefore if you are into anime for the detailed and beautifully-done artwork, and you enjoyed the slower moving pace of one, then look to the other. 


Both of these anime are centered around nature and not only the effect that it has on humans, but the effect that humans have on nature itself. Both are fairly serious anime, with the occasional moments of humour dotted around and they both show the struggle between humans and the non-human (in the case of Princess Mononoke Gods and in Mushishi the mushi). Aside from that, the visuals of both of these are truly beautiful and combined with the gorgeous soundtracks, they create a mood that is both eerie and moving. If you like one, then try the other, it is truly worth it.


In both worlds are spirits, and people live with them. There are people, who are more responsive with them than other.


both are fantasy and set in almost ancient times, both have amazing visuals and have mystical creatures, both deal with nature


Princess Mononoke and Mushishi have the same "feel" for them bouth, a feeling of mellowness and tranquility while watching them. Both stories are exalent, eatch Mshishi episode deserves it's own movie and Princess Mononoke being bassed of a Chinese epic folk tale.


The moral/emotional tone for both is the same: While Mushishi shows the interests, sometimes mutually exclusive, of mushi and men (even though mushi not having, many times, proper will to begin with), Mononoke-hime presents parties who also have it's own justifiable reasonings. Each anime limits itself to presenting the conflict, without either the narration and the characters condemning or pitiyng it. It's a refreshing storytelling.


Both anime emphasize the importance of the balance and co-existence between man and nature, following a neutral character who carries the interest of both sides at heat.

watch it online now!

Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain

Kiba is a wolf, one of the last of his kind, and his dream is to find Paradise in a world torn asunder by war. Cheza, the legendary Flower Girl, can lead him to Paradise, but there are others who desire her, and help from other wolves at his side may not be enough. Driven by his noble spirit, he will not forsake his quest.

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Has really pretty wolves in it too, artwork is very pretty and has pretty music like Mononoke, but not really. They are kidna simmilar, but not. Either way, they are both good. ^_^
If you enjoyed the art and all the wolves Wolf's Rain is something for you. It's not really alike Mononoke Hime but as someone else in one way it is ^^
Normally i don't recommend on base of art work, but this time it is my main reason. I do feel you'd like this one too since they both have deep plots aswell.

Both stories leave us a feeling of responsibility towards the Earth. Eventhough one is a movie and the other is an anime series, they both enhance our concience towards our planet. If you felt this way with one of them, you'll surely be trapped by the other!


The base of Princess Mononke is a wolf god clan that takes in a girl as a "wolf". And in Wolf's Rain there are a pack of wolf trying to get to paradise while disguised as humans.


Both series are about the conflicts between the lives of wild wolves and ignorant, and often greedy, humans. These conflicts and differences between the two species inevitably result in chaos and destruction.


Both are dark anime with white wolves as characters in them, both are fantasy, and both have similiar animation styles.


To be honest the two things that these two shows have most in common is their lovely animation with rich detailed worlds and backgrounds.  If you love them, that's for you.  Though the shows are VERY different in plot and time setting they are both deep and enjoyable narratives. 

watch it online now!