Princess Lover!

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One day, after a visit to his parents' grave, Teppei Arima spies a damsel in distress, and nobly saves her from a gang of thugs. Relieved and grateful, she introduces herself as Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Thinking nothing more of this, Teppei soon receives a surprise call from his grandfather, informing him that he is the heir to the Arima business empire and therefore one of the richest men on the planet! Teppei is introduced to his personal maid, Yuu, and various blue-bloods, among them his arranged fiancee, Sylvia - a fencer with a tongue as sharp as her blade. At school the next day, Teppei meets more new faces, including the snooty Seika Houjouin, and - much to his surprise - Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Still awkward and uncouth, Teppei must somehow adjust to high society. With girls pursuing him at every turn, however, that may be the least of his concerns...


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Moliko's avatar by Moliko on Aug 15, 2014
Score: 6/10

For the first part of this anime, i found that the storyline was interesting and entertaining. I especially loved seeing how the main character handled different situations, for better or for worst, and how the other girls in his harem with their different personality helped him and the role they played in his life. The art for this anime was also pretty good. However, when the anime started including... read more

mahius's avatar by mahius on Nov 20, 2014
Score: 4/10

Princess Lover is a 12 episode ecchi harem anime. I for one, hate these genres, but I don't believe in pre-judging and this was on my 'to watch' list, so I gave it a chance. I settled down with a few cans of cider and prepared for the worst. I got mixed impressions from the first episode. It seems like there'd be good action and revenge. The only plot is ep1, 7-13. I stick by my philosophy on plots, if the main... read more

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