Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Alt titles: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (2014)

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Usagi Tsukino is a second-year middle school girl who is a little clumsy and a crybaby, but she is full of energy. One day, she meets Luna, a black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead, and she transforms into Sailor Moon, a sailor-uniformed pretty guardian of love and justice! As a chosen guardian of justice, Usagi seems to have a mission to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other guardians and to protect the princess. Meanwhile, the queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, also sends minions to the town where Usagi lives to obtain the Illusionary Silver Crystal, which has immense power. This causes strange events to unfold… Can Sailor Moon really find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other Sailor guardians, and protect the princess…!?

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Asia1's avatar by Asia1 on Jul 24, 2014
Score: 10/10

It is a long awaited release that many dreamt to see and now we have it. The fans are divided on a few groups now: the people who watched the old anime and read the manga and loved it all, the people who only watched the anime and never read the manga and the people who read the manga only. All of them are in a constant confusion, as each of them waited for something that is special only to them - a straight... read more

mdchan's avatar by mdchan on Jul 21, 2014
Score: 4.5/10

Since this is following the manga, which the first anime didn't stray too far from, all of the ratings I'll give this are based on the new things:  animation and sound. In fact, the only reason I gave it more than one star is because it's still the story of Sailor Moon, even if this version isn't visually appealing. One thing I do want to mention is that, though it's following the manga, I (and my... read more

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