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In Japan, there is a disturbing rumor being spread that people's shadows are ripping from their bodies, never to be seen again. For one young man, the frightening nature of this rumor is just beginning to manifest in the form of a nightmarish world that he can't seem to escape from. In this place full of dark minions and demons, he and his friends fight futilely against unknown enemies, only to be brought back to the "real world" as quickly as they left it. Is this real, or a dream? Only one person holds the key to destroying and saving the world as he knows it...

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sothis sothis says...

This is going to be one of those recommendation pairs from me that you'd just need to trust. Though they don't seem to have anything in common, I'm just fairly certain if you liked either Interlude or Prayers, that you'd like the other. Maybe its the dark plot, or the apocalyptic-looking art. Maybe it's the character designs, or the gritty monsters. Who knows? Regardless, if you like one of these I'm pretty sure you'd like the other.