Porco Rosso

Alt title: Kurenai no Buta

Movie (1 ep x 93 min)
4.134 of 5 from 9,747 votes
Rank #668

Many years ago, sea plane pilot Marco Paggot was placed under a curse which transformed his face into that of a pig. Now, he lives a solitary life as the renowned Porco Rosso and rules the skies of the Adriatic protecting civilians from sea plane pirates. One day however, Marco meets an ace American fighter pilot, Donald Curtis, and the pair immediately clash leaving his plane a wreck. But when Curtis discovers that Marco survived his previous attack, he’s determined to have his victory and makes the gruff pilot an offer he can’t refuse…

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PhdInCartoons's avatar
PhdInCartoons Mar 13, 2013
Score 8.1/10

Story Good, but as usual you have to overlook a few things.The story here is heavily driven by the characters, and if you look at it as a singular entity it seems rather thin. The pacing, or lack of any, may not be to everyone's liking but it is not as serious as some of the other films.    Animation Studio Ghibli-y, excellent. You get the real feeling that Hayao Miyazaki is a real plane nut and... read more

CaseyJewels's avatar
CaseyJewels Feb 19, 2017
Score 6/10

This movie was fun to watch, but it could be a little slow at times, and the ending left me very disappointed. I had no idea what to expect when I started this movie, but that scene with the pirates and the schoolgirls had me laughing, and it really set the tone for the movie--that there would be moments of action, but it would often be coupled with humor. The main character of Porco bored me a bit, as we... read more

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