Polar Bear Cafe

Alt titles: Shirokuma Cafe

TV (50 eps)
3.432 out of 5 from 1,091 votes
Rank #2,023

Welcome to the Polar Bear Café, a place where humans and animals alike can sit back, relax, and order a cup of hot tea, an iced coffee, or even a hearty plate of bamboo. Run under the watchful gaze of Polar Bear, the café is frequented by a lively cast of characters including a lazy panda who works part time at the zoo, a cantankerous penguin with an unrequited crush and a wise llama, amongst others. Join the denizens of the café as they enjoy delicious beverages, indulge in a cherry blossom festival, and even discuss the newest smartphone models!

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HazelMizuki's avatar by HazelMizuki on Jun 12, 2012
Score: 9/10

Okay, so far I've only watched 7 of the 10 episodes that are out so far, but I think I am getting enough of the gist.  It is possible that over time the quality will diminish, but I will take my chances and write this premature review. Basically I want to know what drugs these guys are on, because I want some. Story - each story is simply a premise, a situation for the writers to dig out some comic... read more

dutch's avatar by dutch on Jul 16, 2012
Score: 10/10

I love this show! I would describe it as a slice of life comedy...  but....  from the perspective of a few animals living in an otherwise normal society.  The main three characters as seen in the intro are Panda, Polar Bear and Penguin. The episodes tend to have two main storylines each (before and after the break).  The stories are wonderfully simple and often based around one of the... read more

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