Pokemon: Pikachu's Ghost Carnival

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Dr Pinoko's Adventure

Dr Pinoko's Adventure

Black Jack has forgotten his medical kit; and it's up to his mysterious assistant, Pinoko, to return it to him. Unfortunately, though, Pinoko has gotten lost in a strange forest and many animals require her assistance! Becoming a makeshift doctor, Pinoko mends the wounds of deer, bears and other forest creatures - but she soon must face her most challenging and frightening healing experience yet! Can Pinoko save the day both in the forest, and for Black Jack?

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sothis sothis says...

Before now, I had no anime in mind to recommend for the Pokemon shorts; have no fear, Dr Pinoko's Adventure is here! With a similar cast of cute animal characters, DPA is another super sweet and adorable look at nature's creatures. Of course, Pokemon is far more fictitious, but both anime have a similar target audience, mood and feel.