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In the year 2047, the invaders came without warning, annihilating most of humanity in days. And while the survivors banded together to form a new world government to combat the threat, by 2053, mankind's outlook is bleak. Now, in a final desperate attack, hope lies only with a soldier who lost his father in the invasion, and a weapon more powerful than belief.

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squashee Jun 30, 2011
Score 2/10

The short version: This movie blew chunks. The animation was great but lacked variation, the music was quite mediochre but the worst part is the story & the characters. The story is the same old, boring "teenager saves earth from alien invasion" in its purest form - utterly uninspiring. The characters are utterly cliché with the exception of totally lacking any realism. Their actions and... read more

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Archaeon Feb 4, 2011
Score 5/10

When people think of 3D CG animation from the Far East, they normally remember certain cut scenes from video games, some of which are truly breathtaking works that combine imaginative storytelling with top notch cinematography. It's strange then, that the skill and passion that goes into making these visual feasts is sorely lacking where the anime industry is concerned, and the shows that have tried to... read more



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