Photo Kano

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After receiving his father's old camera, Kazuya Maeda is eager to polish his picture-taking skills in school. Soon, he catches the attention of two separate photography clubs: one is legit and its members practice a creative, moral art, while the other is filled with perverts who focus solely on taking secretive, exposing shots of girls on campus – with or without their knowledge. After feeling pressured to join the latter, Kazuya agrees, and dedicates himself to making something out of his new hobby. Luckily for the boy, there's no shortage of good-looking ladies on campus eagerly willing to become his special model, and before long, Kazuya begins to understand how powerful and appealing his club's goals really are...

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erwindesmond's avatar
erwindesmond Jul 1, 2013
Score 7.5/10

I Really really liked this anime from the start of. This anime has everything almost every types of girls in anime! ( Tsundere Imoto-con etc. ) The first Arc of the stort Thad went on for about 8 episodes whitch went for the first main girl i guess whille he was going for thad first main girl they set the story and scene and mood for all the other girls comming at the endign part of the anime its like 4... read more

Uzrfrndly's avatar
Uzrfrndly Nov 18, 2016
Score 1/10

Prepare yourself for the most typical and monotonous anime you'll ever force yourself to swallow like a horse pill. Where the most unique plot element that sets it apart is that the protagonist... takes up photography? Yea... that's pretty much it. And don't worry about forgetting it, because his internal monologue will remind you in virtually every episode that photography changed his life... somehow. Be... read more

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