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Top 10 Action Animeby ACEDICE

All anime listed is based on what I have watched, all series are fully completed and all are based around mature action or where action is its main genre and not a sub genre i.e no Naruto or Accel World or DBZ kind of anime. All anime ratings are...

Top Animeby lettgtl

These are my person most enjoyable animes I have watched over the years. Squeals, movies, and OVA's are also included in this this, just not listed.

Blade's Top 10by UndullingBlade

This are my favorite 10 animes, I would recommend them to anyone. I have put the list in order of my favorites. :P

Top 10 Animeby JojoKaguya

The mixture of anime here consists of different genres and lives each anime leads. With that said, there is a little something for everyone in this list of my favorites that not only I but many others may enjoy. The top ten anime I've watched or...

Vby okaerinasai

Low priority.