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My Anime Ranking and Sharpe

I've put a lot of time into this and would like to hear your two cents as well. I have tried to add recommendations for dub or sub where I think it matters. Month and Year means date last checked for rankings. This page will constantly be updated...

Top favorite animesby katelyn1933

ie: Those I re watch constantly and enjoy it every time

Shit I should watch but i keep getting SuperTrooper5

Just good anime that I know is good; that I intend to watch pretty much everyday, but i cant bring myself to watch them... *sigh* #theforceisnotwithme

Must Watch Before You Die!by Halex

(Only the first anime for a series is on the list)

My Favorite Animeby assassin8624

Anime I can recommend everyone to watch

TOP ANIMEby Truculent

This is a list of my current number one recommended anime for select categories. The following are my own opinion, I would love to hear your's but please do not belittle my own. ----------------------------------- OVERALL ANIME: -Death...