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My personal favorite animeby MrAnimeAMVmaker

This list contains all of my favorite anime. These anime for the most part are pretty dark. However their are a couple yuri anime and mainstream anime that were good enough to make the list. This list isn't ordered at all.

Possibly Triggering Animesby SabrinaStarrie

Have any suggestions? Comment below! These are ones that I remember. This is not to diminish these anime, it's just for the safety of viewers.

Weapon Lust-Top 7by DarkCheshire

All the types of crazy you wish you could own. Plus a few other items...

Anime Memoriesby Moonhawk

The list contains titles I really enjoyed. If you look for some nice anime I would recommend, you will certainly find it here. Contains only shows, otherwise it would be totally swarmed with Ghibli movies.

Anime i want to see in 2016by xClawzHD

Anime that i want to see/finish in 2016 Started April 4th. 4/4/16

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.