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Petit Eva ~Evangelion@School~

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Evangelion pilots Shinji, Asuka and Rei, plus Eva Unit 01 and the rest of the gang continue their adventures at a not-so-normal school in Tokyo-3. From passing notes to sleeping or cleaning the classroom, or from ghosts, Angels, meteorites, and hole digging, the gang’s lives are full of random, fun and entertaining events. Just don’t let Principal Ikari or Misato Sensei catch you goofing off or napping in class, or you’ll be in trouble!

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Title Author Score Date
Petit Eva ~Evangelion@School~ HaruhiNinja 4/10 Apr 7, 2012
Petit Eva ~Evangelion@School~ Kari5 3/10 Dec 17, 2009
List Title Username Entries Date
anime draivan 201 Dec 9, 2013
continuations and specials Sheelaflower 92 Nov 30, 2013
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
What Johnny's Watching: January 02, 2014 misteruwalrus 0 Jan 2, 14

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Puchimas! Petit iDOLM@STER

Puchimas! Petit iDOLM@STER
  • Web (64 eps x 3 min)
  • 2013

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Both are short web series featuring chibi versions of the characters from their anime. Join the characters from each series as they go on their very random and often parody filled adventures. Similar animation, similar humour. Check one out if you liked the other. You should probably watch their relating series first though.

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Toradora SOS!

Toradora SOS!
  • DVD Special (4 eps x 5 min)
  • 2009

Recently, various food-related issues have been plaguing everyone, from Ami’s pudding woes to Yuri-sensei’s curry rejection. In an effort to cheer everyone up, Ryuuji’s foolproof plan is to take them all to a family restaurant. However, with each visit, a chance encounter with Minorin soon turns his plans upside down. Whether the pair ends up in a battle over which is best - spaghetti with meat or seafood - or comparing their knowledge of curry, their time together always manages to be eventful.


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They are both parodies of the main series. Characters are drawn in a different way than usual (in Toradora! SOS they are chibi too, even if not 3D) and enjoy the spare time spent together at school or other places. Both parodies have the single purpose of making you laugh.