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Evangelion pilots Shinji, Asuka and Rei, plus Eva Unit 01 and the rest of the gang continue their adventures at a not-so-normal school in Tokyo-3. From passing notes to sleeping or cleaning the classroom, or from ghosts, Angels, meteorites, and hole digging, the gang’s lives are full of random, fun and entertaining events. Just don’t let Principal Ikari or Misato Sensei catch you goofing off or napping in class, or you’ll be in trouble!

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HaruhiNinja's avatar by HaruhiNinja on Apr 7, 2012
Score 4/10

Story: Petit Eva follows a trend to  'chibify' popular shows shedding new and often hilarious light on the established characters. Think Haruhi-chan, or Fullmetal Alchemist OVA where they all have dinner after shooting the film. If... read more

Kari5's avatar by Kari5 on Dec 17, 2009
Score 3/10

I just spent around the past hour watching all of the Petit Eva series. I kind of wish I spent it doing something else. Petit Eva is a random/comedy/parody/web series based of the Evangelion anime. Many of the characters from the tv series are in it, in the form of chibi CGI, including Unit 01. They're all students at a school; their teacher is Misato and Ikari is their principal. The short episodes consist of... read more

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