Persona 3 The Movie 1: Spring of Birth

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
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In the spring, male student Makoto Yūki transfers to Gekkōkan High School. However, as he heads to his new dormitory, listening to the music on his headphones, he is stopped. More precisely, time has stopped, and the people who were around him turn into coffins. Makoto learns that this period of time hidden between the minute of midnight is called the Dark Hour, a time when monsters called Shadows appear. Suddenly made the leader of his fellow classmates Yukari and Junpei by his upperclassmen Mitsuru and Akihiko, Makoto must learn empathy, his connection to his comrades, and the meaning of death. With the power of his Evoker aimed at his head, Makoto fights against the Shadows threatening to attack his world from the mysterious tower of Tartarus.

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Hutai's avatar by Hutai on Apr 11, 2015
Score 9/10

Persona 3 the movie  is based on a game and it's easy for us to say that game is better because this and that and blah blah blah... But it's not fair, because it's very different from a game in few ways - 1 is that you're not the main character ( girl/guy), You don't get to make decisions, do romance, study and stuff.  It's a movie which tries really hard and brings a lot of fun. ( It's the same as... read more

Beholder's avatar by Beholder on Jul 21, 2014
Score 5/10

Makes you wish you were playing the game instead. The awakening scene was done poorly and lacks the tension and awe of the original.   But thats just my opinion read more

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