Peach Girl

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Momo is loud, shallow, a player, a betrayer, and one to best stay away from -- or at least, that's the misconception people have when they see her makeup, bleached hair and suntanned skin. In reality, Momo just wants the same friends, hobbies and crushes any girl her age would like. However, when her only friend starts spreading rumours about her, her boyfriend starts to doubt her, and the most popular boy in school starts to take a more then friendly interest in her, she'll have much more to worry about than just her appearance!

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liveandlove15 Aug 17, 2014
Score 4/10

Okay, so I watched the whole anime through to the end. I must say that I am disappointed. I wanted so much for a happy ending. But there wasn't one. My feeling were ready to explode into a huge moment of complete happiness and satisfaction. But I could have been more disappointed. Momo had her head on, better than most 16yr olds. But the amount of drama she went through was almost unbearable! Sae was a sick... read more

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ames Dec 18, 2009
Score 4/10

After watching the whole series of Peach Girl last night, I have to say I am disappointed.  In fact I would relate this story to a train wreck happening in slow motion and even though its horrible, you can't look away. What I mean to say is I didn't enjoy the story but I had to finish it to see what happens in the end.First off, I understand that the whole appeal is the Momo-chan is supposed to be... read more

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