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Paroru and the Future Island

Alt titles: Parol no Mirai Shima

Paroru and the Future Island
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There is a tiny island floating on the other side of a distant sea. Strange animals, still unknown to humans, live there. The children of the island — Paroru, Zūzu, and Rikotto — come across a photo of the human world one day, and fascinated by this beautiful wonder, break the rules and rush out of the island. Paroru and the others are surprised and excited to see the human world for the first time. However, unforeseen pitfalls await them there... Can they safely reach their journey's destination? 

Source: ANN. Will be replaced by a unique synopsis written by Anime-Planet.

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Name Role
Yoshimichi KAMEDA Character Design
Kazuaki IMAI Director
Maiko OKADA Producer

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Anime Mirai 2014 daiching 4 Jan 31, 2014

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