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Parasite Dolls

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2.538 out of 5 from 588 votes
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The year is Tokyo 2034, and humans coexist with artificial intelligences known as Boomers. The Branch, a special police unit, has the mission of handling all Boomer crimes. With the help of Basil, the Boomer Rod, the heavy weapons-freak Reiko, the Boomer-expert Bill, and Elza, the Branch must protect people from defective Boomers and investigate why they are suddenly going berserk. The case becomes more complicated when Kimbal finds a mysterious drug during one of the investigations. Mad Dolls, a dreaming hooker Boomer, and unexpected events unfold into a political conspiracy against Boomers and Basil himself!

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Name Role
Kazuto NAKAZAWA Director
Naoyuki YOSHINAGA Director
Kazuyuki TSUDA Music

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Parasite Dolls chii 8/10 Oct 7, 2009
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Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
My movie collection napenzki 274 Jun 19, 2013
Priority WtW: OVAs and Shorts CommanderKarasu 34 Feb 20, 2013
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The Bubblegum Crisis World chii 0 Sep 17, 09
RedSkullXIII watched Parasite Dolls at 3 of 3 episodes
Farlot wants to watch Parasite Dolls
Shadowmist6 won't watch Parasite Dolls
undertaker667 won't watch Parasite Dolls
oldcharlie55 watched Parasite Dolls at 3 of 3 episodes

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In a distant future, mankind has been wiped out and only its robot creations are left to roam the earth. Amongst the cleaners, plumbers and maintenance droids lives a group of Dolls whose soul purpose was to sexually entertain their clients. With no more patrons, Malice spends her days singing and walking the empty streets, dreaming of the days when she had a purpose. Now all she can give is a simple kiss – something that causes an ancient being to awaken and grant the android a real human body. Shunned by her former robot companions, can Malice find true happiness in her new form?

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Both shows revolve around "dolls" or androids that have human features and are generally used as sex workers/slaves though this isn't the only use for them in Parasite Dolls as they work as anything. While the animation is very different the plots are kinda the same but things are reversed. Humans are the ones put down in malice doll where androids are in that situation in Parasite Dolls. If you love robots and futeristic thinking along with a little or a lot of sex check one out if you liked the other.