Papillon Rose

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Time has passed since the war involving the curvaceous Papillon Soldiers, and much of the city has been destroyed. A new start means a new job in a lingerie bar for Tsubomi – the alter ego of the superhero Papillon Rose. The buxom babe, along with her Papillon colleagues Anne  and Shizuku, have lost their memories in the aftermath of the war. Soon, a new enemy appears in the form of the Susanoo sisters – three aliens who bring devastation and a variety of sexually-deviant monsters. Earth’s only hope is Rama, a panty-obsessed cat who has the power to help return the Papillon girls’ memories. Will he help them remember in time, or is Akihabara doomed to be overrun by these risqué invaders?

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casandra29's avatar
casandra29 Mar 14, 2016
Score 2.5/10

First I think it's important to say that this is an absolutely horrible anime. I don't think I have actually sat down and forced myself to watch something this bad in a very long time... it seems other places on the net classify this as Hentai... though when I think hentai I think things that actually show a bit more during sex scenes but it's not ecchi either... this would be lousy as hentai and... read more

TheStampede01's avatar
TheStampede01 Mar 8, 2013
Score 3/10

So this is the sequel to Lingire warrior Papillon Rose, which was a one episode OVA and I guess at some point someone thought they should make this into a 6 episode OVA... both of these titles are ofcourse awful.  Story- So this story takes place 1 year after the events of the first OVA and somehow the main characters have all lost their memories. So now Tsubomi (Papillon Rose) must band her previous... read more

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