Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!

Alt titles: Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father!



duchessliz's avatar By duchessliz on Nov 6, 2013


What would you do if your sister passed away and left behind her daughter and her two step daughters? What would you do for them as a poor college student in a one room apartment? Would you offer to be their guardian and take up full responsibility for them or would you let the family split them up? Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai is about what happens when the MC Segawa Yuuta finds himself in this exact situation. When Yuuta was very young his own parents passed away. . .and when his family tried to separate them from his sister she wouldn't allow it and said that she would raise Yuuta herself. . .because there was nothing more important than keeping family together. When Yuuta finds himself watching the family discuss separating the girls he is reminded of what happened when his own parents passed away and how his sister had handled it. . .and he found that he couldn't allow them to seperate the sisters. . .so he tells them that although he is poor and lives in a small apartment they can live with him if they want. . .and the girls. . .who have just lost their parents and are horrified at the prospect of being separated. . .gladly accept his offer. The plot was so sweet and heartwarming. You get to see how each of them make sacrifices so that they can be together and how they grow as individuals. Especially Yuuta who begins to understand his sister a lot better as he struggles to care for her three daughters whilst jugging school and work in between caring for the girls.


The art was very well done and suited the anime perfectly.


The soundtrack was very nice. . .and the VA's did a great job!


The characters were my favorite part. . .the girls were each very different with Sora who was the far more serious one of the girls with a slight tsundere personality when it came to Yuuta. . .she was always trying to care for her sisters as an elder sister is wont to do. . .whilst trying not to cause too much trouble for Yuuta who she had a crush on. . .Miu was a generally cheerful girl who seemed to always look for the bright spot in every situation. . .she grows as a character as well not wanting to cause more trouble for her uncle she tries to care for her sister Hina whilst helping Sora and trying to save their uncle money where they could. . .Hina was a normal three year old girl who was a bundle of energy. . .her personality would bring smiles to the others face and her presence tended to brighten the mood of others. . .Yuuta grows from a college student merely worried about what club he would join to a young man worried about whether he could give his nieces all of what they would need. He was such a selfless character. If I had been put in his situation I know I wouldn't have done what he did. I would have just taken responsibility for Hina. . .since she was the only one related to Yuuta by blood. What he did. . .was so far beyond what a normal person would do. . .I had nothing but respect for his character.


All in all. . .I really enjoyed this heartwarming anime. . .I can see why so many people praise it!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
Maximz's avatar By Maximz on Mar 28, 2012

Personally I love this anime very nicely drawn, and its very well thought out. the story centers around a boy who ends up taking care of his sisters children since his sister n her husband died in a plane crash and this tells about all the hardships that he has to go through while taking care of the children. while some may say this seems like incest or to loli for their taste  I feel thats not the case. the characters are not blood related so its not incest and they make this perfectly clear also the main character does not seem to have any romantic interest in any of the three girls he actually has an intrest in reika-san from his school. however this may be a little loli but considering the circumstances i feel that it doesnt cross any boundaries.

Now i know i said i like the story...however i do wish it was longer and the ending kinda confused me cuz i saw him stamp somesort of contract or something im guessing thats the deed to the new house at the end.

the characters were great hina makes the anime a bit more upbeat because of her funny 3yr old aspect and miu is like the mature younger sister (atleast thats how i see her) while sora is the older tsundere sister making the trio pretty fun to watch...however the one thing that annoyed me throughout the whole anime was that stupid club president i dont like it when a good anime gets ruined by one character that basically looks and acts like the viewer image of an otaku lolicon loving person (fat, ugly, glasses, drools over anything thats under a specifc age thats younger then 17) its the one thing that annoys me the most because i feel it adds more fuel to fire for outsiders to say something negative about it...maybe im overthinking but thats how i feel on it. however the rest of the cast was awesome and very enjoyable 

overall the anime is great and i enjoyed watching it till the very end i really wish it was longer i wish they would make a season 2 and show them in the new house and continue the story but i dont think it would happen but hey its worth wishing for  

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall