Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! OVA

Alt title: Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father! OVA


Custom Lists

My Hall of Fameby TheMadScotsman

My personnal favroutes, from what get me interested in anime to series iw ould watch over and over again

my animeby wolfwater

List include anime I have droped, still have not watch, and still watching

Re-Watching Anime (2x)by Elementist

A list to keep track of anime being watched that already I have watched before.

Alphabetical Commentaries on Every Anime I've Seenby RickNoel

Short comments for all the anime I've watched. A constant work in progress.

Tearsby SoraSama

Titles that made or nearly made me shed tears, in other words "cry", for various reasons, arranged in order seen.

Hope for another 080705639

I hope they make a new second season in future. Including OVA, Movie or anything. The list contain of last season of related anime, not counting dvd special.