Panzer Dragoon

OVA (1 ep x 28 min)
1.268 of 5 from 213 votes
Rank #7,257

One day, the brave hunter Kyle and his lady Alita are out hunting creatures when suddenly, a large black dragon appears, kidnapping Alita and killing their companion in the process. Hope lies only with a powerful blue dragon named Blau who is hell-bent on putting a stop to the black dragon's sinister plans. Now, in order to save Alita and prevent further destruction, Kyle must join forces with Blau and stop their opponent from reaching the black tower before it's too late!

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sothis Oct 26, 2004
Score 2/10

Oh lord... where to begin. Well, I suppose my task is easy, given the fact that there was essentially NO STORY. I could dictate the history of how this piece of bread ended up on my computer desk longer than I could describe the story of Panzer Dragoon. *Clutches head in pain.* No, seriously folks, this OVA was bad, just bad. The OVA itself is based off of the Sega games, I guess. I haven't played... read more

chii's avatar
chii Oct 2, 2009
Score 2/10

Maybe it's because i haven't played the video game ever but this short ova really sucked. The lead man pretty much spent the whole anime screaming ALITA while riding on a random dragon to chase another random dragon that took alita and flew to a tower for some reason. THAT'S ALL THAT HAPPENS. The music and animation are pretty bad as well. Voice acting is so annoying, it just sounds like they are... read more



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