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Overman King Gainer

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2.913 out of 5 from 455 votes
Rank #2,983


As the result of heavy pollution, mankind now lives in remote and desolate locations in order to survive. The government rules with an iron fist, keeping close control over the masses. Gainer is a boy who has been playing a video game so much that he has finally secured the title of King. However, the next day he is falsely arrested for allegedly starting an Exodus – a journey to the mythical paradise known as Yapan. While in prison, fellow prisoner Gain offers to help Gainer escape, so with nothing to lose Gainer finds an Overman and makes his exit. However, in order to return the favor, Gainer chooses to further Gain’s cause: protecting the Exodus movement, even though Gainer’s parents were killed for their anti-Exodus ways…

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Name Role
Yoshihiro NAKAMURA Character Design
Kenichi YOSHIDA Character Design
Kinu NISHIMURA Character Design
Yoshiyuki TOMINO Director
Kouhei TANAKA Music
Michiko SUZUKI Producer
Atsushi YUKAWA Producer
Yoshitaka KAWAGUCHI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Overman King Gainer Krozam 7/10 Mar 13, 2014
List Title Username Entries Date
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
WTW 2000-Present chii 295 Nov 27, 2012
MY FAVS cayers34 202 Apr 12, 2011
shilka86 watched Overman King Gainer at 26 of 26 episodes
mangakam watched Overman King Gainer at 26 of 26 episodes
mangakam watched Overman King Gainer at 26 of 26 episodes
newpath rated the Overman King Gainer anime 2/5 stars
newpath watched Overman King Gainer at 26 of 26 episodes

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Mars Daybreak

Mars Daybreak

In the near future, Mars is covered with oceans. Within one of its cities, Gram River is just another kid trying to survive in the slums, until he finds himself right in the middle of a pirate attack! After nearly drowning, he finds himself aboard the pirates' ship, and is faced with a decision: be killed, or stay and fight alongside them. And thus, Gram joins the pirate crew in their quest to find the legendary treasure of Mars, but they aren't alone in their search. Now, while being hunted by the military, bounty hunters, rivals and even a few old friends, they search the seas of Mars for clues...

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I can fully endorse this recommendation; both Mars Daybreak and Overman King Gainer have mechs, difficult battles, and main characters who never meant to get involved in the first place. Gram and Gain are both extremely important to their rebellion groups, though the pirate is a bit more jovial than the gamer.

In any case, both shows have the same feel, a sense that these are just normal people in a bad situation. If you liked one, you're almost certain to enjoy the other!

Turn A Gundam

Turn A Gundam

The year is 2345 Correct Century, and in the aftermath of humanity forgetting about their advanced technology, Earth has regressed to simpler times. The Moonrace, an advanced colony of people on the moon, has sent the three teenagers Loran Cehack, Keith Laijie, and Fran Doll to Earth to see if it is suitable to live on once again. Two years have passed, and the Moonrace has arrived on Earth to settle in the Sunbelt zone with the help of the Dianna Counter forces; however, the people of Earth are angry and respond aggressively to their invaders. With negotiations for peace failing, will the people from Earth and the Moonrace ever learn to coexist? Or is this the dawn of a new war?

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Both Turn A Gundam and Overman King Gainer have a happy mood to a very serious matter. The main protagonist in both titles are very similar, ignorant to a few things going around them, young, kind,  and they both do not want to kill anyone even though they have a super awesome mechas. The mechas are similar as well. You just get the same vibe from both these titles and if you enjoyed one these titles you might enjoy the other as well.