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Most Tearjerking Moments in Animeby FerrisGump

The moments (SPOILERS): 1.) The entire third act of the movie 2.) Manaphy leaves 3.) Ame leaves AND Death of Father 4.) Pokémon Tears 5.) "Pikachu's Goodbye" 6.) The ending 7.) End of "Haruhi in Wonderland"

Good animeby Kraskie

Now, it's not to say that the rest of the anime I've watched are bad... Far from it. The individual ratings should tell you how I feel about them. These ones, they're just a bit more special than the norm, leaving an impact of some sort on you after...

Best Comedy/Romance Animeby polycutie

Some of the best comedy romance I have ever seen. Light hearted romance that won't drive you up the wall wondering... "why the hell did they have to end it like that?"

watch againby Demonangelblackheart

those i thought was so good i watched it many times

My lovesby Aminata

Basically, love everything there is to these series - all seasons, ovas and so on. Just not putting them on the list. ;)

My top fiveby Haachan

I just loved these a lot.