Ouran High School Host Club

Alt title: Ouran Koukou Host Club


Custom Lists

Favorite seriesby Noiraude

This list is not ordered AT ALL.

Series Worth Watchingby Lioside

A list of anime that are worth watching if you haven't yet or are new to anime.

I Learned Something New. . .and Liked It!by glassblower45

These anime did a great job of entertaining us with something that might be new or not appreciated by its viewers. At the same time we are educated in the ways of their world in a way that's easy to understand. Futuristic titles not included...

Best Romance Anime for people that don't like Romanceby DragonDancer

Not a big fan of the typical romance anime, but still like a few good ones here and there? Then this is the list for you. These are Romance Anime's with actual substance, not they typical mindless crap. These anime have real plots. The main focus...

Best Comedyby Cat69

Anime that have caused me to laugh my head off. These are relatively short, funny series that may leave others looking at you weird for laughing so hard. Of course, this is just personal opinion.

Best Anime adaptaions of manga!by MagicFoxofGreed

Best anime of popular manga, they may not be the best however the get the job done, these anime still have the feeling of the manga without the need to read, *WARNING* Some anime chnage the story a bit to fit in 24 episodes e.g Blue Exorcist, Oran...

The Best Shojo Anime to Watch When You Need the Feels!by GutterKitty

Just break up? Not in a relationship? Want the warm fuzzies?! Here's some good anime that will make you happy!

Much Loved Animeby RosieRoar

Anime that I love and would most likely watch again.