Otogi Zoshi

TV (26 eps)
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In the Heian period, political instability within the capital is beginning to manifest amidst widespread famine and disease. In order to stem the growing chaos, the Emperor orders Minamoto no Raikou -- a man known for his archery skills -- to reclaim the magatama, a mysterious jewel said to contain the power to save the world. But when Raikou himself becomes ill, it falls to his younger sister, Hikaru, to disguise herself and take her brother's place. In her quest for the magatama, Hikaru finds herself and her companions drawn deeper into a struggle she cannot comprehend...

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Nimurai Nov 17, 2015
Score 10/10

I watched this without any conviction. I wasn't interested in Historic anime (looking back I don't know why, young sillyness??? XDD) and the cover of this anime was very brownish. At that time I asociate brown with boring. The synopsis was very boring too. Then I run out of anime to watch and decided to give this a try. And I fell instantly in love. With the female protagonist, with the setting, with the... read more

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Otogi Zoshi
  • Vol: 2
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