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As a small child, Souta lost his mother. He was left only with a fairy tale she had told him, of the world split into two by the will of God, into a world of science and a world of magic. Now, it has become apparent that this tale is at least partly true, and that Souta is the all-important Key of Elde, the linchpin of our world of science. To protect him, the fairy musketeer Akazukin (Red Riding Hood) and her fellow musketeers Shirayukihime (Snow White) and Ibarahime (Sleeping Beauty) must draw him into their own, magical world of Fandavale. Along the way, they must protect him from the wiles of the wicked Cendrillon (Cinderella) and her minions Hansel and Gretel.

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  • Akazukin Finally Comes image

    Episode 1

    Akazukin Finally Comes

  • Magic Girl Snow White image

    Episode 2

    Magic Girl Snow White

  • The Interesting Transfer Student image

    Episode 3

    The Interesting Transfer Student

  • Gretel's Trap image

    Episode 4

    Gretel's Trap

  • The Awakening of Thorn Princess image

    Episode 5

    The Awakening of Thorn Princess

  • Sorry, Ringo image

    Episode 6

    Sorry, Ringo

  • Our Journey image

    Episode 7

    Our Journey

  • The Man With A Flute In His Heart image

    Episode 8

    The Man With A Flute In His Heart

  • Magic Hater Hans image

    Episode 9

    Magic Hater Hans

  • A Friend For A Thousand Years image

    Episode 10

    A Friend For A Thousand Years

  • Souta And The Magician In Love image

    Episode 11

    Souta And The Magician In Love

  • Secret Of The Cellar image

    Episode 12

    Secret Of The Cellar

  • Salamandra Village image

    Episode 13

    Salamandra Village

  • The Okashi Forest's Memories image

    Episode 14

    The Okashi Forest's Memories

  • Trude's Maze image

    Episode 15

    Trude's Maze

  • The Princess of Thorns And Clover image

    Episode 16

    The Princess of Thorns And Clover

  • The City Where Ash Falls image

    Episode 17

    The City Where Ash Falls

  • The Three Singing Musketeers image

    Episode 18

    The Three Singing Musketeers

  • Moonlight ~Juusui~ image

    Episode 19

    Moonlight ~Juusui~

  • Princess Akazukin image

    Episode 20

    Princess Akazukin

  • Fernando's Present image

    Episode 21

    Fernando's Present

  • The Bride Rapunzel image

    Episode 22

    The Bride Rapunzel

  • Glass Slippers image

    Episode 23

    Glass Slippers

  • Souta's Mother image

    Episode 24

    Souta's Mother

  • The Tiny Princess image

    Episode 25

    The Tiny Princess

  • Akazukin Vs. Snow White image

    Episode 26

    Akazukin Vs. Snow White

  • The Magic Castle image

    Episode 27

    The Magic Castle

  • The Dwarf's Flowerpot image

    Episode 28

    The Dwarf's Flowerpot

  • Lonely Gretel image

    Episode 29

    Lonely Gretel

  • Wiese Forest's Memories image

    Episode 30

    Wiese Forest's Memories

  • Their Bond image

    Episode 31

    Their Bond

  • Eternally Bremen image

    Episode 32

    Eternally Bremen

  • The Symbol of Friendship image

    Episode 33

    The Symbol of Friendship

  • Hansel and Gretel image

    Episode 34

    Hansel and Gretel

  • To The Sealed Land image

    Episode 35

    To The Sealed Land

  • The Key's Power image

    Episode 36

    The Key's Power

  • The Story of Two Worlds image

    Episode 37

    The Story of Two Worlds

  • Door to the Future image

    Episode 38

    Door to the Future

  • Good Bye Akazukin image

    Episode 39

    Good Bye Akazukin

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DuskFey's avatar by DuskFey on Jul 14, 2010
Score 5/10

Anime in 200 Words: Fairy Musketeers TV Premise: Three young girls from a magical kingdom have to defend it from the wicked Cendrillion, and a boy from Erde (Earth) is key to their success. Can they protect him from danger and save the day, or will the forces of darkness defeat them? Folklore: The Japanese are reinterpreting European stories in this series. People who grew up with fairy tales are likely to... read more

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