Other Worlds

Alt title: Tooi Sekai

Web (1 ep x 1 min)
2.836 of 5 from 1,082 votes
Rank #4,058

Do you want to fly through the sky? For many, life can be scary and overwhelming place, until you find your other half. One man and one woman have found each other at last, and ponder their thoughts and dreams amidst a montage of memories and serene moments. Though the world continues to move on, the duo have the only thing that matters: each other.

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whitelionV Jan 4, 2012
Score 7/10

I've never had the need to think about it, but it seems only natural that there would be unspoken rules about reviewing things; and one of those rules, I realized, is that a person shouldn't take any longer to review a subject,  than the duration of their experience with it. So, due to my instinctive need to mantain the proper order of things in the balance the laws our universe have dimmed appropiate, I... read more



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