Ookiku Furikabutte

Alt title: Big Windup!


Custom Lists

Animes that makes you want to do what they are doing.by sojach

As the title say: Here's a list of sport/ competition animes I enjoyed watching.

"Anime Watching Challenge 2016"by Jassinn2K15

A List of Must Watch Anime's in 2016. Contains anime from all genres to give a taste of the various flavors of anime.

My Favorite Anime!by RedCherrychapstick

Note: semi alphabetical order

Turn Your Pain Into Powerby glassblower45

Inspiring. Moving. That feeling you get when someone you've rooted for gets to be a--*ahem*--"badass". Stories that tell us pain does not have to be the end of us. Watch these guys transform. Satisfaction most effective with the no spoiler sit...

I Learned Something New. . .and Liked It!by glassblower45

These anime did a great job of entertaining us with something that might be new or not appreciated by its viewers. At the same time we are educated in the ways of their world in a way that's easy to understand. Futuristic titles not included...

Anime Challenge 2016by Shyngi

I decided to do this challenge I found from LJ. There's some titles I've wanted to watch for a VERY long time but haven't got myself around them. (This list is missing: 15.Watch an anime recommended to you by another Anime Watching Challenge...

Callenge 2016, 50 animeby KawaiiOtaku01

50 animes I have to watch in 2016... Good luck me ;> 35/50

Animax Asia Showsby AstaGroup

Animax Asia is a Japanese anime television network that broadcasts Animax's English-language feeds in Southeast Asia and South Asia, as well as those across other regions of mainland Asia, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is operated by Sony...

A List of Anime Series I've Rewatchedby bvincent

A list of Anime series that I've watched at least twice. Ordered by times watched and sorted alphabetically.