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One Piece

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Long ago the infamous Gol D. Roger was the strongest and most powerful pirate on the seas. As he was about to be executed he revealed that he hid all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the Grand Line - a treacherous and truly unpredictable sea. Monkey D. Luffy is a spirited, energetic and somewhat dim-witted young man with a very big dream: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! However Luffy is no ordinary boy, as when he was younger he ate one of the Devil's Fruits and gained its power to become a Rubber Man. Now in this grand age of pirates Luffy sets out to gather a crew and sail to the most dangerous sea in the world so that he can fulfill his dream... and maybe even his appetite!

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Name Role
Kazuya HISADA Character Design
Noboru KOIZUMI Character Design
Konosuke UDA Director
Hiroaki MIYAMOTO Director
Junji SHIMIZU Director
Munehisa SAKAI Director
Kouhei TANAKA Music
Shiroh HAMAGUCHI Music
Eiichiro ODA Original Manga Creator
Yoshihiro SUZUKI Producer

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One Piece vivafruit 7.5/10 Mar 14, 2005

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One Piece Linksbrawler 10/10 Feb 2, 2014
One Piece tennis101101 9/10 Feb 2, 2014
One Piece HoussiGigsaw 9.9/10 Jan 17, 2014
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Top Animes JonnyVicent 12 Jul 9, 2014
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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Lucy is a seventeen-year-old mage with the power to summon stellar spirits, but what she really wants to do is join a guild - and not just any guild. She has her eyes set on Fairy Tail, a notoriously reckless and outrageous group of magic users who are likely to be drunk or destroying buildings and towns in the process of completing a job! While in town one day Lucy meets a perpetually-seasick boy named Natsu who, through a series of events, reveals to her that he's none other than the fire-eating mage Salamander of Fairy Tail! Lucy is finally able to join Fairy Tail and quickly begins to take on odd jobs with Natsu and his gang for fame and profit. Along with her fiery friend, Happy the flying cat, Natsu's archrival Gray and their overseer the invincible and beautiful Erza, Lucy sets forth for epic adventures that leave an epic amount of destruction in their wake. After all, destroying a city or five doesn't matter as long as they get the job done... right?!

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While set in different worlds, both series share a similar feel for the main characters, storyline, and artwork


Both are Shounen battle shows focused on a group of friends, working together as a team ( they are called "guild" in Fairly tail, and "pirate crew" in One Piece).

Both shows focus on "fighting to protect your comrades" . Both shift focus between comedic moments of peace and serious times of battles. Also the drawing style and the mood is really similar. If you enjoy one of the shows, you will probably enjoy the other one as well.


Both Fairy Tail and One Piece are similar in quite a few ways. Both have a similar style of comedy - and a hefty amount of it to boot. They also share the same mix of comedy and madcap action, while the main protagonists, Natsu and Luffy are both exceedingly strong young guys with a huge appetite. Finally, with a similar visual style, I'd say that if you liked one then you will like the other.


BOuth series have simmiler animation simmiler charecters with simmiler goals. Also the fight scens and thems resmsble each outher, also bouth take place in a facinating cool worlds


Both these shows are battle focused comedies. They involve a group of friends who travel together for generally individual goals. Their humor and art styles are very similar. Fans of one will no doubt like the other as well.


First thing you'll notice about these two is the very similar Artwork, but its more than that. Fairy Tail just has the same "vibe' One Piece has with it's colorfull envirements, creativly enemies and sidecharacters...the list goes on. The fighting style varies but like any good Shounen, it's well planned out and provides memorable battles. What stands out most between these Animé's is the trademark humour wich is highly enjoyable for both young and old. Highly recommended! ^^


Fairy Tail is a very funny series exactly as One Piece.Natsu and Luffy are very similarily drawn but they also share the same character.They devour everything can be eaten and have absolutely no limits.I recommend watching both of them if you are an adventure/comedy type!


Fairy Tail, just like One Piece, presents the power of friendship. The characters in both series are similar, while both shows emphasize comedy scenes. The main difference is the world these heroes live in. One Piece takes place in a world of pirates and treasures, Fairy Tail in a world of magic and monsters. I'd say Fairy Tail is another version of One Piece.


Same style of drawing, similar storyline, identical characters, congruous feelings

Both animes are just great. I'm surprised that they haven't been made by same person.


Fairy Tail and One Piece both share the same type of Main Character and drawing style. They both want to help protect the precious things they care about. Both characters are alike because of attitude of not giving up and trying their best.


Fairy Tail and One Piece are very similar in many ways. 1. The main characters are very much about protecting and finghting with their freinds.           2. They would never leave a comrade behind no matter what the situation.                                  If you like one, you'll like the other.


Because both anime have a main caracter with many people who hare supporting them [In One Piece it's all the Nakama (friend) of Luffy and in Fairy Tail it's all the guild of Fairy Tail who are supporting all the member from the guild] and a lot of people who want to detroy them [In One piece it's the marine and in Fairy Tail it's the other guild].

In both anime there also a lot of fight and both anime have they're own type of power [In Fairy Tail it's the magic and in One piece it's the Devil Fruit].


Fairy Tail and One Piece are clearly very similar, especially the HUGE amount of characters, the story arcs are short and the artwork is even very similar, especially in the manga.


This anime has the same feel and vibe as the other. Strong group of characters taking on tasks while working on protecting a girl. Not a bad match up over all.


If you liked one series of these series then you will most likely end up liking the other.  Both series focus around a group of individuals working together for some common purpose.  With each having the group of people facing both individual battles that they have to fight alone and battles in which they manage to get through it by working together as a team.  In each series we also always end up with the main cast causing huge amounts of trouble from time to time but with things always working out in the end by some miracle or another.  Also in each series we end up with head strong young male leads you end up just charging into things without giving it much thought.  There is also quite a bit of humor in each series so that in between all the fighting and sometimes serious tones the viewers stay entertained through various jokes and funny moments.


Both series are very sensitive about characters relations. Their friendship is most important thing in both of them. Naming nakama, adventures, same sense of humour, great fun and many more.


There was a joke around the internet when Fairy Tail started to air: I liked it better when it was called One Piece. And almost a year after that there is still similarity. Both have simmilar animation, storyline and even main characters have simmilar personality. Overall i think that if you enjoyed One piece or Fairy Tail you would like the other...


When I start to watch fairy tail i think that was the typical shounen intro, introduce the main girl, introduce the hero that not seems to be nobody and the the powerful entry, i think that goes to be pretty similar to Naruto so i feel a bit disappointment. But then star the real fights i think everything goes to be done by Natsu (that is something that i really hate everything done by the main character no way) but then gray had real fights, Lucy entry in the fights so she no become the typical girl don´t do anything more than cry and shout the main character´s name, and then appear the great Erza i really love her . Natsu and Luffy are pretty similar (but Luffy is more cool XD) the other characters had a lot of personality and they are very original, Fights are intense they don´t have to fight along 20 ep, 1 ep for fight is enough and for put all the drama/intensity of the fight (main fight not include XD).

I think Fairy tail´s creator learn a lot of things about shounen for Oda, they have to do a few steps more to catch One Piece but i think they go in the good way 


it's like one piece with magicians

it's like fairy tail with pirates

is there really an minimum for this recommendation. oke well

luffy-natsu both feel the same way about there pirate crew or guild


Although the shows are, at the surface, extremely different, they feel eerily the same. Both are shounen anime that focus around a small team of characters, and both have similar animation and humor incorporated. Both are a great watch, and I find it hard to imagine somebody liking one but not the other.


Both shows have similar characters and comedy I find the whole pirate crew and guild thing very similar, as well as the way the characters interact Eg. Nami & Lucy try to control Natsu & Luffy.Both shows can switch from comedy to serious in a matter of seconds and are very fun to watch.


Honestly these two animes are like long lost siblings. They have somewhat similiar art and they have filled with comedy and epic fights.

Also the charas are very similiar ex. Natsu and Luffy is a lot alike; Stupid and eats alot :D

If you liked one, you will surely like the other!


Fairy Tail is very similar to One Piece. Their core concepts are pretty much the same (magic - devil's fruits, magicians - pirates, guilds - pirate crews) and they are centered around a bunch of friends who always gets involved in exciting adventures.


i recomend it because both are pretty open as far as what can happen the world they are vast and you never know what will happen next.


When i think about Fairy Tail I am reminded of One Piece. Each anime has a fairly young "main" hero. Luffy and Natsu are both young, hot headed and have an underlying leadership ability that has not yet fully showed itself yet. Both also have unlimited potentail yet to be actived. If we move futher out, both anime have a team/nakama around the "main" hero. The team members each have their own strengths and weakneses that contribute to the team. Each anime also has a journey involved in the story. In One Piece the story is evident, but in Fairy Tail it is not as evident, but for each character, an un discovered journey exists. Theme wise, both animes deal with fictional topics, pirates with super powers in One Piece and people with super powers in Fairy Tail. Over all I enjoy One Piece more but would recomend both equally!!!


Both anime's are about the main character who wants to complete his goal and has its own kind of way of making it. During that journey he makes new friends who will help to reach this goal. Also both anime's include good fighting scene's.


Both Fairy Tail and One Piece are very similar and both overall great shows. Both the main characters in the shows share a very similar personality. Both shows are set in an alternate world where there are people who are different from others. In One Piece there are stong fighters who have powers and in Fairy Tail there are people who can use magic. If you like either one of the shows you will without a doubt like the other.


Like other reviews, these animes have similar characters, plots, etc.

What grabs me with both is the mixture of fun and fighting.  The otherworldly powers of both series make them ripe with fuel for the imagination.  No matter if it's finding a pirate with a bizzare devil fruit power or a wizard with unique spells, the creativity is in a continual flow.  Not just in battle, but in comedy as well.  The empty headed antics of a phenominal fighter clashing with friends or the quirks of various characters keep you wondering what will happen next.

Of you like one, definatly try out the other.  You will not be disapointed.


One Piece and Fairy tail are similar in the charcters, they're all very into the concept of "Nakama" and also the main characters have they're own charm (if you can call it that) that can turn villains into allies, and they never give up.....

Thats why I think, if you like one, go for the other you'll love it!


Both have similar artwork and emphasis working together as a group and camadrie. One Piece deals with a group of pirates while Fairy Tail deals with a guild. Both have magical elements with One Piece having the devil fruit while Fairy Tail has magic. Although both are action series, they is plently of laugh out loud humour.

Both groups of characters do have moments where they don't get along with each other but, ultimately, do care about each other.

Luffy and Natsu are similar characters. Both can be dimwitted but care deeply about their friends. They are headstrong and act first instead of thinking.

Also, both have hit or miss soundtracks.


I recommend This Both ways. From what I have seen this has a huge One Piece based story line and if you liked or loved One Piece I can Garuntee you will like Fairy Tail as well. Both have in depth story Lines, Great character Development and emotional parts that bring you closer to fealing apart of the Greatest Mage Guild.....FAIRY TAIL!


Both main characters are fun and very interesting. Luffy and Nastu both fight to protect their comrades and friends. As the story progresses, both get stronger, mentally and physically, although you can't really tell because of they fun and outgoing attitude. Also, both characters are looking for the person/dragon whom is like a father to them.


Both stories are set in a fantasy world filled with colorful characters with a heavy focus on fighting, adventuring, and comedy. Both series feature great fist pumping music and share similairites in their physical character designs. As with most long running battle shounen series the main theme that runs throughout these stoires is finding strength through the bonds of friendship. If you like one of these you will certainly find things to like about the other.


Fairy Tail uses a lot of elements that are characteristic from One Piece. Not that I mind OP is a great anime to get inspiration from. Both have epic stories, a vast and complex "universe" where the story is set, they both use comedy heavily to tell the story, and Natsu (Fairy tail) does share some character traits with Luffy.


They both are Strong Main Character and in the most difficult situations they show great strength to overcome them .


both series give a great story to watch with various actions taken my the main character. also do the main characters have this awesome power that keeps getting better in power and awesomeness.

on the artwork they both have a rather cartoony look but for the fights thell be sure to give you some of the best scenes you've seen in quite a time.


If you like action and fun filled characters you'll love both series, the action and adventure is very similar.


Like adventure anime with a main character that loves to eat and gets "more powerful" by doing so, then youll love these 2 series, but other then this simple fact, the drawing of Fairy Tail is better, but you can definatly feel a connection of similarity between the 2 series. both of them have a somewhat "in dept" segments of all the important characters of the series, wich makes you feel more of the diffrent happenings throuout the series. Aswell as both beeing completly hilarious, it also makes you feel happy, angry and sad for the characters.


Two amazing shounen anime that keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. In both anime the viewer becomes drawn to each character and very attached. The characters interact with eachother in a very similiar way with wonderful comediec moments as well as intense action. Both are a can't miss!!


Hiro Mashima stated he was influenced by Oda's work. That said, Fairy tail is also unique in it's action, adventure and comedic themes.


Both have similar powers, art, and main characters causing a similar feel. Also they are both freakin beast.


You may like "Fairy Tail" if you like "One Piece" but this is not so certain. I mean "One Piece" is packed with action and you dont know what will happen next where "Fairy Tail" is so predictible. All fights goes the same way. It's like watching the same pattern with different textures over and over again. Thought both animes got typical shounen values like friendship and protagonist getting stronger.


They both are funny, full of action, and have amazing characters! One Piece is definatley much goofier than Fairy Tale but they are still both quite good.


They both are about supposedly unlikely heros who always rise to the occasion. The constant addition of enemies turned ally is also a siilarity between the two anime, I fully endorse watching One Piece if you like Fairy Tail and visa versa.


Both Fairy Tail and One Piece focus on the group, not the individual. While each show has it's main character, neither anime would function properly without any of its other characters. And while they go about it in different ways, the two anime get the bonds between all the characters established swiftly and powerfuly.

With their strong emphasis on friends and teamwork,  there is plenty of action, humor, and drama involved to keep you on your feet and interested in continuing the story.


Both are Shounen battle shows focused on a group of friends, working together as a team. They are funny too.


Same artist and author, same genre.  Same crazy fighting and humans taking way too many hits to go down.  Entertaining but light on brainpower.


It's like they were made for saying watch the other me xD ...The humor is the same OVER-THE-TOP FUNNY STUFF .The anime gives you the same feeling like Luffy always says about NAKAMA .If they ever had a Cross-over that would be some damn awesome shit XD .


Both have male protagonists with similar upbeat personalities. While OP relies on magical elements brought on by the devil's fruits, FT actually uses magic. FT moves at quite a faster clip than OP does (little to no filler!), but both have a great adventure storyline.


Fairy Tail and One Piece are similar in so many ways. So. Many.

First off, the obvious: They're both shounen comedies with a lot of action. Both shows focus a lot on the concept of 'nakamas', the power of friendship.

The main characters are very similar, too. Luffy & Natsu are both leaders that can be a bit dimwitted sometimes, yet becomes a fighting genius when the time calls for it.

"One Piece focuses on pirates, while Fairy Tail focuses on magicians." <- That's the only difference I can think of for these shows. There are so many things similar about them. The artwork. The style of comedy. The uncountable cast.

If you liked one, I'm sure you'll like the other. There's no other show that could the other one more perfectly.


They are both full of stupid crazy people doing stupid crazy things to help out random people!!!!


both have great stories and likeable characters with unique superpowers/magical powers who march to the beat of their own drums and have very close unbreakable bonds of friendship.


 i find that these two animes are both alike because the characters are alike and the main story line is about the characters going on adventures.


You get the same general feel from both animes. Friends, comedy, drama, action and adventure, which is similar in several shounen-series that has a lot of episodes. Overall quality is about a tie between these two large titles.


It's freeking awesome.So please watch this couse it is awesome. don't now what to write so here's lalalalalallalallllllllllllllllllaaaaaallllaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllalalalalalallalalallalalallalalallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalalalalallalallalalallalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa


The main character is almost the same.Natsu as well as Luffy tries to save his nakama and wants constantly to fight


they both have similar characters that care about their friends and they both are full of comedy and action plus their both shounen.


FAIRY TAIL in both concept and execution... is almost EXACTLY ONE PIECE.

FAIRY TAIL is basically ONE PIECE with Wizards. It's about a girl named Lucy who sort of stumbles into a friendship with Natsu, a Fire Magic User belonging to the controversial, but popular, Wizards Guild called FAIRY TAIL, which is made up of weird, rowdy, young Wizards infamous for their great power and the amount of property damage they inflict during the various jobs they take.

In terms of the storytelling, FAIRY TAIL moves along a fair amount faster than ONE PIECE... it took almost 10 volumes for the book to introduce it's entire cast, focusing more on Luffy in the beginning as he built his crew, and slowly established a character dynamic and intricate backs stories for each crew member, whereas FAIRY TAIL establishes the three main leads (Natsu, his talking cat Happy, and female protagonist Lucy) in the first chapter, with no backstory, and then quickly introduces the numerous side characters at the Guild, before going headlong into the first adventure in just the first volume.

Either way, FAIRY TAIL is a fun to watch with some nice art, but if you're watching ONE PIECE, I think you're already watching the better of the two animes. I was just struck by the sameness of them.


Light-hearted and still able to make the viewer shed a tear, the relation between One Piece and Fairy Tail is amazing.

Choosing between these two shows was a difficult choice as the two have many relating elements being diversity amongst friends and their abilities to the unyielding, yet merciful conviction held by the show's main character(s).

The light-hearted atmosphere follows as often as the seriousness in both of these animes, making Fairy Tail a perfect comparison. Though the reason is unclear, if you enjoy One Piece, Fairy Tail will give you the same feeling when you watch.


Both share similar genres and if you loved the comedy emblished fighting then you'll love fariy tail and one piece.


Both involve awesome characters and have tons of fighting. Both main characters are funny and true to their friends 


Its exactly the same type of shonen goofy action on both series, i inistally thought they where by the same person, the only real diference i saw was one was pirates and one was mages, doesnt matter wich one u like ur feel right at home no matter wich one u see first


If you love Luffy not only for his naivety and power, but also his unshakable morals and love for his comrades, Fairy Tail is a great anime to start watching while waiting for the next One Piece episode. With a fire-wielding-mage (Natsu) as one of the main protagonists, Fairy Tail provides the action, comedy and a couple of boob jiggles (if you're into that). The protagonists are very similar - not just in appearance. (After watching a few episodes you might even draw some shady similarities with other characters) The aforementioned mage is boneheaded, stubborn, over-powered, a big eater, and an uncondionally loyal person, much like a straw-hat wearing pirate that we know and love. Also when reading Fairy Tail you can feel a sense that on the whole its very similar to One Piece, it's just the same vibe - instead of pirates and crews we have guilds and mages.


While many Shonen series have common central themes, Fairy Tail and One Piece have some very obvious visual similarities that may stem from the manga authors' association with one another. The pace of the story progression is about the same for both series, as are the over-the-top expressions and the cast of characters.A male protagonist with super-physical powers brought about by happenstance. A female sidekick who serves as eye candy, tells the audience when we should be worried for the good guys, and has more strength and ability than they let on. The scowly, but gifted rival, who reluctantly agrees to team up with the main protagonist. The animal sidekick who provides comedic relief. And of course everyone has a storied past full of drama and tragedy that is slowly revealed over these series, which are either agonizingly long-running or a response to a gigantic fandom, depending on your appreciation of these series.You'll find any or all of these in other shonen series, but if you're looking for epitome of the genre, or just need to get your fix after finishing an entire series, either one of these will do nicely.


Both shows deal with powers, fighting, and the power of unity in a group. They both are set in beatiful interesting worlds. They are both funny and serious.


Both One Piece and Fairy Tail are long, have a ton of geart fights,  nice groups of interesting supporting characters and strong main characters who are overly blunt, highly energetic, and can be suprisingly sweet. If you liked one you will most likely like the other. 


The themes are different, but the characters, especially Luffy and Natzu, are extremely similar. That combined with the adventurous plots and character development back stories make these a great recommendation for each other. 

watch it online now!



Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate! With his inability to perform even the most basic ninja techniques, it seems that all Naruto has going for him is his determination to succeed no matter what. Teamed up with the genius Sasuke, book-smart Sakura, and their team leader Kakashi, Naruto embarks on his quest to become the Hokage. But with outside forces posing a threat to the entire Hidden Leaf village, Naruto discovers that he must become much stronger if he ever wants to realize his dream and protect the friendships he's forged.


my list:

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Both animes are mostly comedy and action. There are moments of darkness in each at points. The both feature DBZ-like hugely extended fight scenes and battles. And finally Naruto and Luffy have a lot in common.
Naruto is very similure in term of comedy and characters, in the series each charactore have their own personal background and each charactore have their own goals. if you like one peice than you diffinatly going to love Naruto. -_-
If you like anime with lots of action, you'll enjoy both One Piece and Naruto. There's plenty of stealth ninja stuff (woo!) fighting in Naruto, and lots of Pirate-y fighting in One Piece. Plus, both have plenty of comical scenes that will keep you laughing throughout each episode.
One wants to become the Hokage, the other the Pirate King. Definitely not the top recommendation, but when you like shounen anime these two are liked by the same audience.
Ah yes, the bliss of enjoyable 100+ episode shounen. One piece and Luffy go hand in hand in terms of a boy realizing his dreams. While One Piece doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time Naruto is a bit more serious but doesn't pretend to be something it's not. You like Naruto? Then you like OP, it's as simple as that folks.

The action in One Piece is great and a similar thing can be said about Naruto. If you liked one, try the other and see what I mean.


One Piece and Naruto are very much alike. Both are funny, and the episodes are almost never-ending, so the fun will never stop!

In One Piece there are pirates, and in Naruto there are ninjas; while that isn't a similarity, both stories are about the main characters and their goal to become something big. On the way to reach their goal very much happens including friendship, enemies and much more.

You can't like one of them without liking the other.

If you are a fan of One Piece, check out Naruto!


In both series, the main character is a comical, but enduring person. They differ in that Naruto only understands those that have experiences close to his own, while Luffy has a knack for understanding a situation before anyone else. Their core principals are remarkable similar: stand by your dream, no matter what. And in their pursue of their dreams, both make lasting friendships that they stand by no matter what. In the end, both shows attempt to make you feel like you can take on the world, which is rare these days.


It's hard to not pick Naruto for its shounen appeal. Naruto is the clear replacement for the Dragon Ball series. Where Naruto excels is the broader line-up of characters you meet, and keeping the story-line focus and closed. Just like One Piece, it's about becoming stronger and better.

If you like the action in One Piece (beat 'em 'up challenges), you'll definitely enjoy the battles and fights in Naruto.


I think One Piece and Naruto resemble each other in many ways. They both have action and comedy, they both have characters who fight with special (magic) powers, and these characters have a dream of becoming something and always want to protect their friends. A difference is the drawing style; if you've watched Naruto first, then you might have to get used to the drawing style of One Piece, but that'll probably happen quite fast. Anyways, I'm sure you'll like one, if you've liked the other.


Both One Piece and Naruto are funny, action-packed, long, have many fight scenes, and need to be watched; they are both classics, and can give you a good laugh.


One Piece is a hillarious anime! Well, so is Naruto. That might be the only reason for a one to wacth both of them! Luffy reminds me of Naruto sooo much (with the exception of Luffy being a bit smarter!!!). They both act stupid but are also very close to their nakama. Both Naruto and Luffy have a dream, that one might consider impossible, but their determination never stops them! They fights of the Naruto shinobi and the One Piece pirates are intense and enjoyable! Yes, if you've watched one of these 2 anime, you should defenitely watch the other!


Both place alot on friendship been a key part in winning a fight. Both are action packed with the main person and their friends fighting to reach their goals.


Naruto wish to become the Hokage, the best ninja in the village.

In One Piece Luffy wants to become the pirate king, both Naruto and One Piece is stories about people who are trying to make there dreams come true, they are full of exiting adventures and fighting scenes.


The main character for both series are comical yet a bit dull in the head. They are both strong people who value friendship and are ruled by instinct or emotion. Fighting scenes and excitment are evident in both of these stories.


Both Luffy of One Piece and Naruto of... well... Naruto are similar in character. They are both nobodies that dream of being the greatest they can become. Luffy as the Pirate King and Naruto as the Hokage. If you enjoy watching a person overcome any obstacles in their way in order to achive a desired goal and make tons of colorful freinds on the way then both Naruto and One Piece are for you.


Though the subject matter is very different, both One Piece and Naruto have strong central characters with an unwavering dream. If you liked the determination of the protagonists and the action packed aspect of one, then you may want to check out the other.


Naruto and One Piece's story seems to be alike. They have both goals to become the Hokage and the Pirate King. Both Naruto and Luffy are alike because of their attitude.


I know a long-standing hatred exist between pirates and ninjas, but it's hard to not recommend Naruto and One Piece together: The long, desperate fights; a huge cast of characters; familar themes; and more episodes than I would, or could, asorb in three months. The final word: watch the other if you liked either one, when you have the time.


Naruto and One Piece are very similar in in the story and the character structure.Luffy has the same funny crazy type of character as naruto and they are both unpredictable and determined.Also their goal is to become the best of the best and be recognized as leaders.If yopu liked the one you will definetely like the other!


Naruto and One Piece both share the same type of Main Character. They both have goals to become someone special (Naruto wants to become a Hokage and Luffy wants to become a Pirate King). Both characters are alike because of attitude of not giving up and trying their best.


Well if you like one then you will like the other. That is that. They both have comedy, seriousness, fighting, everything. Even the two main characters go hand in hand, they both eat ALOT, want to make it to their dreams, king of the pirates and hokage. They are both hyperactive and everything you love about them. Plus both series are pretty long which gets you attatched to the characters. When i first started watching one piece, i got the feeling that these two shoes go hand in hand. The only difference? One is Pirates the other is Ninjas. So you WILL Like One if you liked the other. Just try it, what can it hurt....you may end up with a fave new anime! 


These shounen animes have the same basic premis. A group of young specially skilled heroes in search of adventure and to defeat the evil that threatens the greater good around them. Great battles and comedy hijinks accompany them on there journeys. Whilst the theme changes slightly with each anime the engaging story, great characters, exciting fights and comedy are ever present.


Both animes are primarley fighting animes with a lot of passionable scenes. Beside that they aren't that comparable, still I like them both a lot and I would recommend them.


Both anime's are about the main character who wants to complete his goal and has its own kind of way of making it. During that journey he makes new friends who will help to reach this goal. Also both anime's include good fighting scene's.


The thing that I most remembered from each was the stubbornness of the main character and him never letting down on his friends. For both the main characters their friends are the most important thing.If you like luffy I think you will like naruto and the other way.


both are 'AWESOME............'....

and both are funny,with morals and i love them..... :)

better watch both in parallel lines..... :)


Although the setting is very different, both of these shows are long-running popular action shounen series about a young man, his friends, and their adventures. They are made up of several story arcs, but each main character has a confident dream to be the best. Fans of one might like the other.


Both are long running animes with a lead character who has a dream of becoming the greatest. The action in these animes are really well made and if you enjoy laugh every now and then, then these are for you.


If you like anime with lots of action, you'll enjoy  One Piece and Naruto. 

Both animes are awesome have alot of Adventure , comedy and action. There are moments of Sadness and happiness in the two animes ,Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D.Luffy have a lot in common, one wants to become the Hokage, the other the Pirate King they have both goals to become someone powerfull, they allways give the best to protect their friends. 

I'm sure if you like one, you will like the other.


comedy, action are likely, the basics of a mainstream shonen. If you like these you probably also like Bleach or something of the sort.


Both begin with a kid that as a big  dream and to achieve it they both train hard, make friends and get stronger.


Both main protaganists of the series Luffy and Naruto are simple minded and have a huge goal they want to achieve.Luffy wants to be king of the pirates, while Naruto wants to become Hokage, both include their fair share of comedy(Naruto does get away from that towards the end and almost completely gone in Naruto Shippuden) and each have great action. A fan of One Piece will most likely be a fan of Naruto and vice versa. 


One piece and naruto have many similarities in them.

The main char in both is Idiot type character who is kind,pasionate, big eater and has goal he aims to achieve(Hokage for Naruto and Pirate King for Luffy). In their journey they meet many new friends and enemies, have some fun, some action and some tragedy.

If u liked one u would like other one aswell


They both are comedy and  action! Naruto have a heart for his friends and will do anything , Just as luffy would do anything. So i would say in both of these anime there is determination.

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Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is a typical teen with fighting skills, two caring sisters and a special trait: he can see ghosts. However, when Ichigo and his family find themselves under attack by a huge beast, Ichigo discovers that there’s more to the supernatural world than the everyday specter. Vengeful spirits known as Hollows roam the world in search of devouring souls, and Shinigami – soul reapers – work tirelessly to defeat them and guide normal ghosts into a place called Soul Society. Ichigo valiantly fights the Hollow that threatens his sisters, but on the verge of defeat a Shinigami named Rukia gives him her powers, turning him into a Shinigami himself. Ichigo must now adjust to his new life of both vanquishing and saving souls for the sake of Soul Society.

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If the fight scenes in One Piece were what interested you the most, you'll like Bleach.


Both One Piece and Bleach have strong characters, action, and stories that have episodes that keep you coming back for more. If you like action anime with a great story and humor, these are two shows for you.


Bleach and One Piece aren't that much alike. One Piece has a totally different animation style than Bleach and is about pirates, while Bleach is about Shinigami; but still, they both have a lot of action, comedy, sad moments and cool fighting scenes. They are both long, so you can enjoy them for a long time. If you liked one, you'll like the other.


Both are about a guy who gains a mystic power, they team up with other with skills to help reach their goals. Both animes ar action packed with parts of comedy too.


Both One Piece and Bleach are series that can be both comedic and serious. Also, one of the main attractions of both of these series are the fight scenes, whcih if you like them in one of the series, you'd like them in the other series.


Bleach and One Piece both heavily involve rather diverse characters in epic fights, both have an insanely powerful main character and an endless stream of intriguing and generally also insanely powerful supporting characters. In all honesty, if you like to see intense anime fights, you'll like both of these, guaranteed.


Bleach & One Piece both share the same type of Main Character and action. They both want to help protect the precious things they care about. Both characters are alike because of attitude of not giving up and trying their best.


Although they are set in alternate universes and have different storylines, if you liked Bleach or One Piece, you'd like the other because they have the same/similar elements in both shows. They both have a lot of action (the fight scenes in both shows are epic) and comedy, as well as well-developed characters and great bonds between the nakama.


Both anime's are about the main character who wants to complete his goal and has its own kind of way of making it. During that journey he makes new friends who will help to reach this goal. Also both anime's include good fighting scene's.


One piece and Bleach both are similar and different then each other at same time.

Similarities are our - Typical shounen,action packed monstrous fights. Many concpets in both are similar as well with Zanpakto very much alike to devil fruits (being a major power boost and all). There are also similarities between main char nature(Caring, Friend protecting nature) and gets huge powerups when someone close is in danger. There is comdey aspect in both series and bit of tragedys to cry ur heart out.

Difference is the setting of world, One piece is themed in pirates vs Marines/Pirates/World setting and Bleach is themed at supernatural setting.

Bleach has Fillers,Op doesnt

Still if ur shounen lover ull enjoy both.

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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Five years have passed since Goku and his friends defeated Piccolo Jr. and restored peace to the planet. Gohan - Goku's son - and a variety of good, bad, and morally ambiguous characters are back, and perpetually not ready for action! Aliens, androids, and magicians all hatch evil plots to destroy the world and it's up to Goku to save the Earth once more - that is, once he and his comrades train plentifully in preparation.  Enemies will become friends and power levels will rise to unimaginable levels, but even with the help of the legendary Dragon Balls and Shen Long will it be enough to save Earth from ultimate destruction?

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Both animes follow the fight-arc plan, but in One Piece the storytelling is more refined so when they are not fighting, it doesn't mean nothing is happening. All the fighters in each anime are close like family, in One Piece especially with the concept of 'nakama' (kindred spirits, so to speak). Both animes have a similar drawing style, (although obviously the animation in One Piece is vastly superior, with excellent and well-placed use of CG) and are set in a sort of 'fantasy world', where special attacks can defy the laws of physics.
Although One Piece is more imaginative in its setting and plots arcs, it nevertheless shares a certain structure with Dragonball Z. The heroes face increasingly dangerous foes and defeat them through amazing feats of martial arts (again, with One Piece being more imaginative and original on this front). The fights in Dragonball Z are more spectacular and make use of the characters' often gargantuan power, where One Piece holds quirkyness over "raw power", so to speak.

If you liked dragon ball z then you'd like one piece (and vice versa). one piece and dragon ball z both are made up of things that wouldn't make sense to happen in the real world, like space travel or magical fruit. One Piece has a lot of funny moments, alot of violent moments, and a lot of funny violent moments and dragon ball z has a lot of those moments too. They both are adventurous and speard out a ton of story to keep the watcher intrested. One Piece and Dragon Ball z are so alike sometimes you can't tell the diffrence between them.


Both have happy-go-lucky main characters fighting bad guys with their nakama. Dragonball Z is more of fighting anime and One piece is more of an adventure, however they both the same feel with loads of episodes to keep you occupied.


Both of these series are about fighting and friendship. Their are characters that grow stronger with episode on episode and people who would have given their lives to protect others. Overall If you liked one, you should really enjoy the other.



The characters in both series have very similar charms, like how Goku and Luffy both have a trill to fight and protect their friends and family, the art and animation style in both are also similar and get better along the way. The humor and storyline also have alot of similarities.

Although One Piece has more going for it, I highly recommend both.


One Piece and DBZ have huge casts of fantastical characters each with their unique personality and powers. The character designs in both shows can be described as odd but cool at the same time. Both shows have the characters traveling large distances leading them to varried and interesting locations.

Although DBZ is more about the battles and OP about grand adventure both shows feel very epic in scale.



Dragonball Z and One Piece are much alike. They're both very epic, characters that are muchalike, have wonderful fight scenes and great storyline. With great villains.


Both the main characters of the shows, Goku and Luffy, are very alike. They both love food, both are insanely strong and they both love their family/friends.

Fighting and overcoming foes are a big part of both shows. And they both have some humour in them.

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Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden
  • TV (368+ eps)
  • 2007 - ?

Two and a half years have passed since the end of Naruto’s old adventures. He has trained hard with Jiraiya-sama and has returned to Konoha to reunite with his friends; but Akatsuki, the organization that threatened Naruto years before, is on the move again and this time Naruto is not the only one in danger. With the powerful Akatsuki organization looming ahead of him, Sasuke still missing, and the struggle with the beast hidden inside him a continuous battle, will Naruto's hard-earned improvements be enough? Join Naruto, Sakura, new friends and the rest of the old gang as the action heats up with new techniques and stronger enemies.


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Naruto and One Piece really follow the same plot: there are lots of dramatic fights between people with strange powers. Watch Naruto if you want to see interesting and "hmm that's a fight method I've never seen before" types of fights, and watch One Piece for the overall quality and humor that goes with the fist bashing.


Both One Piece and Naruto Shippuden are about a guy who will do anything to reach his goal in life. Luffy wants to be Pirate King, and Naruto wants to be Hokage. They both have a "never give up" attitude, and inspire everyone around them. Both anime have lots of great action and fights with interesting villians.


Naruto and One Piece both share the same type of Main Character. They both have goals to become someone special (Naruto wants to become a Hokage and Luffy wants to become a Pirate King). Both characters are alike because of attitude of not giving up and trying their best.


If you liked Naruto you like One Piece (or vice versa) because they both have some good fights and an interesting storyline


This is another Shounen Jump with same style of Naruto and Bleach. Large cast, funny, action and anime style. I have realized that Shounen Jump knows what people like and these animes is what people like.


Both protagonists aim to become the strongest and reach their goal.(Naruto-Hokage, Luffy- Pirate King). The characters in the animes both experience hardship, happiness, but also the grief of losing someone. If you like one or the other, then you should watch the other


Naruto and One piece are always rivals for the top spot in the shounen catagory is because of there distant similarities. Both have lead protagonist that basically want to achieve the same goal, to be the best. The fight sequences in both shows are epic. Both have a very strong and moving plot. If you love One Piece as much as I do then you will also love Naruto Shippuden!


You would like it because it has the same "stupid" hero trying to save the world from bad happening, also the fealing you get from watching your favorite character, from the first meating with them in the first episode till being with them in their hard choices so to speak, is a wonderfull fealling and that feal you'll get


They're both ridiculously upbeat animes with strong story and fighting. Although I strongly dislike them both for their over the top character design, if you like one you'll like the other.

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