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Favourite showsby Jaina1

Animes I really liked personally, not the best in the world)))

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

The best animes everby Diddiken

I have seen a lot of anime, so I picked out the best ones. I am really bad at these reasons-thing, so I apologise. But you just got to trust me! PS: the list is not in any spesific order

My Top 10 Anime (Changes will occur)by Drico

This list is for anyone who has a general interest in anime and is not defined by specific genre's but i will mention that; this is my perceived view of the best anime I've seen. There is no genre and this will be affected by my personal...

My Fav Animéby Asharan

not in any particular order ^^

2016by DeadShadows

What I plan to watch in 2016, things may change.