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Favourites Animesby Kakum

From yesterday to Today

Childhood reddishgrey

This is basically all the anime I watched when I was really young. Good ol' days.

Favourite showsby Jaina1

Animes I really liked personally, not the best in the world)))

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

The best animes everby Diddiken

I have seen a lot of anime, so I picked out the best ones. I am really bad at these reasons-thing, so I apologise. But you just got to trust me! PS: the list is not in any spesific order

My Top 10 Anime (Changes will occur)by Drico

This list is for anyone who has a general interest in anime and is not defined by specific genre's but i will mention that; this is my perceived view of the best anime I've seen. There is no genre and this will be affected by my personal...