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  • Ayakashi
  • Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
  • Fairy Tail
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge
  • One Piece

Awesome fight scene gallore by Animature

Even if it is just briefly, i add all the titels to this list that have some awesome fight scenes.

  • Kotoura-san
  • Kamisama no Memo-chou
  • Denpa Kyoushi
  • Chaos;HEAd
  • Btooom!

love by finalsquall

  • Comet Lucifer
  • Dance with Devils
  • Haikyuu!! Second Season
  • Noragami Aragoto
  • K: Return of Kings

Not Yet Aired/Ongoing by IzumiNagisaChan

Top anime I want to watch first. Some haven't aired yet and I'm eagerly waiting for it, some are second seasons or OVA's which I still want to watch and the rest are anime that are popular and I just...

  • Fairy Tail
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Kill La Kill
  • Soul Eater

Top 10 Favorite Action Anime by mlpvscapcom1

This is a list of my favorite action packed anime full of awesome fight scenes. Keep in mind I haven't seen too many action anime so this list is subject to change over time.

  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  • Space Brothers
  • Another
  • One Piece
  • Steins;Gate

ANIME'S BEST by rayzawn26

In my opinion, these are the cream of the crop, the very best in their respective genres. Many of them were infact the ones that drew me into that genre, and anime to begin with. And I'd gladly...

  • Durarara!!
  • Guilty Crown
  • Assassination Classroom TV
  • Attack on Titan
  • Death Note

Epic List by Reactorkid

Animes that brought me chills while watching some scenes~