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Top 10 anime in 2016by joseph213

My favourite anime from 2016 and why

Top 25 anime you must watchby joseph213

If you haven't watched these anime then do so right away. This will be a mixture of all genres. In order of favourite to least. Let me know if you agree

My favourite animes of all timeby Service

My top list of animes, this is my opinon and yes i admit some of them have faults

My best animeby SoulKing10

The cream of the crop, these are what I consider to be some of the best anime in terms of plot, characters, themes and many other factors.

Otaku Soul Pleaserby jasonkhochora

Anime that pleased my soul, Regardless of the hype and controversial comments, I liked these animes, Some i grew up on, some I watched after reading the manga, I just really dig these shows. So i hope you enjoy my biased list.

Animes That Will Make Me Cryby Hayliebunny11

Animes, for me, that never fail to make me cry!