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My top 10 anime (movies not included)by Jajajaja

This is my top 10, I tried to put them in order but it's kinda hard. For some I've only listed the second season but the entire series is good. I really like action, comedy, genius protagonists and a bit of a fetish for military order. While making...

The King's ACTION Recommendationsby Kingofthekickasses

Do you feel like watching something that has barely any romance and a whole but loud of fighting? Well look no further as the king i will show you my own personal favorite action-packed animes!

The best animes with nosebloodby Diddiken

This is the list of the best animes with a lot of nosebleeding. I will not comment on every anime, because I am sleepy... Zzzz...

My top ten fighting anime!!!!!by Kingofthekickasses

My top ten favorite fighting anime. (This is in no particular order.)

Adventure Animeby tumblrobsessed

Favourite adventure animes filled with amazing characters, thorough plot lines and unpredictable plot twists.

OP MCsby RedCherrychapstick

Anime with op MCs! Whether its physically, mentally, or some hidden power no one can beat these MCs!

Varkolak's Top Anime List - Alphabeticby Varkolak

Best picks: Many dubbed, Mostly Fantasy/Adventure, almost all newer animation style.