One Piece Movie 9: Episode of Chopper + Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura

Movie (1 ep x 113 min)
3.878 of 5 from 4,657 votes
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When Nami suddenly comes down with a fever, Luffy and the crew immediately set out to find a doctor. They soon arrive at Winter Island, a freezing land where the snow never melts - and they receive a rather frosty reception. Unfortunately after the cruel king Wapol escaped the island following a pirate attack, he took all the doctors with him; now the only physician left lives atop the mountain, and there’s no way of contacting her! Deciding that Nami can’t wait, Luffy and Sanji set out to find Dr. Kureha; though when Wapol and his brother Mushul return to the island in order to claim back the land, the Straw Hat pirates find that they aren’t the only ones trying to reach the summit. With the help of a mysterious talking reindeer named Chopper, Luffy and that gang must try to save the entire island from Wapol’s cruel plans. Also, having taken an instant liking to him, can Luffy persuade Chopper to become his comrade and join the crew of the Thousand Sunny?

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eeveepkmnfan's avatar by eeveepkmnfan on May 4, 2012
Score 10/10

This movie is basically just like what happened in the anime Drum Island arc. Even though that's true, I found that I wasn't at all bored with watching it again a second time, since it was one of my favorite story arcs. And I'm really glad I did. This movie is very emotional. For me, it always, always makes me cry. And no matter how many times I watch it, I find that I'm intranced by Chopper, the little... read more

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