Omishi Magical Theater Risky Safety

Alt title: Risky Safety

TV (24 eps x 10 min)
2.946 of 5 from 233 votes
Rank #3,782

Moe Katsuragi is depressed. She caught the boy she loves in the arms of two others, and she's heartbroken enough that one rainy evening, she wishes she could die. Answering her call is Risky, a pint-sized shinigami who wants to take Moe's soul to the underworld! However, Risky shares his body with Safety, an apprentice angel who wants to help Moe see the errors of her ways and reconcile with the boy she pines for. Torn between hope and sadness, Moe will try her best to win the heart of the one she loves amidst the chaos of her two new companions, Risky and Safety!

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Rbastid Feb 25, 2017
Score 1/10

You know you don’t have much in the idea department when your ten minute show is three and a half minute of recaps, intros, outros and previews……on every single episode. Story - 1/10 Risky and Safety are two competing spirits, Risky a apprentice shinigami and Safety an apprentice angel, who one day collide and assume the same body. Each now tries to get a particular subject to either find... read more



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