Okane ga Nai!

Alt titles: No Money

OVA (4 eps)
2.843 out of 5 from 2,723 votes
Rank #3,456

Struggling with heavy gambling debts, Tetsuo Ishii comes up with a harebrained idea to sell his student cousin in an auction. Offering an unprecedented 1.2 billion yen, the highest bidder is Kanou - a successful company president. It seems that he has an ulterior motive for buying the innocent and naive Ayase, using the debt to keep the jobless student by his side. What does Kanou want from the beautiful Ayase? Does it go beyond offering him 500,000 yen a night for his body?

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deideiblueeyez's avatar by deideiblueeyez on Sep 4, 2010
Score: 7/10

STORY:Okane ga Nai!'s plot is this:Sleazy and greedy Tetsuo sells his innocent cousin Ayase to the highest bidder in an auction in an effort to repay his massive debts. Kanou, a shady loan shark, with a reputation that precedes him, buys Ayase for 1.2 million yen. The reason is that Ayase met Kanou one day and offered his umbrella to him while he was beaten up and getting soaked in the rain. That random act of... read more

Zeltomation1's avatar by Zeltomation1 on Aug 4, 2014
Score: 8/10

Ok so i personally wouldn't say its the best anime that i have watched but overall a good anime for the yaoi fans. The story is very unique as it is based on a young man (university student) who's cousin sold him because he is in dept for some reasons and a very rich man buys him for a few billion pounds. good animation but less realistic for me but if you like it im happy for you:) i think the sound was great... read more

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