Ocean Waves

Alt title: Umi ga Kikoeru

TV Special (1 ep x 72 min)
3.201 of 5 from 2,438 votes
Rank #3,128

Ocean Waves is a coming of age tale centered around Taku, an ordinary high school student, his best friend Matsuno, and Rukiko, a reserved outcast who has caught Matsuno's eye. While bounds of friendship are tested, unlikely relationships grow and flourish in this made for television movie.

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Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Feb 17, 2011
Score 6.9/10

Ocean Waves might just be the most realistic anime I've watched, or close to. Or the most realistic slice-of-life. Either way or both, it's so realistic that it boarders and crosses the line to Mundane County, which is both a good and bad thing. It also means that it's slow, real slow. But that slowness adds to the mundane, also a good/bad thing. I didn't care much for the music and I had no problem with... read more

ShannonApple's avatar
ShannonApple Jun 21, 2016
Score 4/10

I'm a HUGE Ghibli fan and you know what this was? Absolute garbage. I actually bought it randomly on DVD because you know, it was Ghibli. There was no character development, or, well the characters were dull, dull storyline. It was so boring, but I kept watching til the end, hoping for a point to it. I actually don't even know what I watched. Nope. If you love Ghibli as much as I do, skip this one. read more



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