Noragami Aragoto

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Noragami Aragoto

The struggling god Yato, his Regalia Yukine, and his devotee Hiyori return in this series of Noragami. The history behind Bishamon's grudge against Yato is revealed, while a brewing plot within her cadre of Regalia surfaces. Yato also has a brush with the god of fortune Ebisu, and he finds himself returning to his dark, destructive past.

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g3data Dec 25, 2015
Score 8/10

Amongst the many sequels I've seen from 2015's offerings, the biggest and most welcome improvement I've seen would be from Noragami Aragoto. Even though I still like the 1st season, the fact remains that all we got was a basic introduction the characters before Angsty the Ghost and some boring filler antagonist took over the 2nd half. This time, Noragami brings out the big bats and swings hard, real... read more

nalbuque's avatar
nalbuque Mar 15, 2016
Score 9/10

Overall a well done Anime, Yato is a great main character and without going too much into the storylines the story is simple and easy to follow. Its a improvement from the prequel and is one of the must watched anime of 2016. Pros- Simple but great anime. cons- The crying scenes are so fake and anoying to watch.   read more

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