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Dec 20, 2014

The thriller genre of anime concerning real places and typically political ideas is sparse. Despite the versatility of the medium in being able to create technically amazing shoot-outs (you’d think we’d see more John Woo style action in anime) there doesn’t seem to be many examples out there. And to make things even worse, the few examples are, for the most part, less than exceptional. Black Lagoon and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantomare the only anime of this type I’d go so far as to recommend; everything else tends to be on the bad side.

I was recommended checking out the Bee Train trilogy of girls with guns due to my want for an anime like Black Lagoon. Sounded good to me until I started watching Noir, which has made me not want to watch the other two entries in the series.

Noir is the story of two girls, Kirika and Mirielle who work together as the assassin duo Noir. Kirika is a Japanese school girl in possession of a musical locket and pistol who contacts Mirielle, a French assassin, in a bid to understand her past. While at first at odds, the two grow close as they discover a group known as Soldat is pulling their strings and the name Noir has much larger implications than what they believed.

In essence, we have a decent set-up for what could be an entertaining action/adventure. Kirika has amnesia and Mirielle wants nothing to do with her due to her line of work, only allowing herself to help Kirika at the expense of killing the girl after she’s discovered her past.

That said, there are a million problems with the plot and the pacing. The main problem comes from how confusingly the story is presented. Characters are left in the dark, as is the viewer, but the slow reveal of who the Soldat are, what Noir is, and how all these forces come into play is annoying and not satisfactory. And that’s not because they don’t explain things well, it’s because the story makes something really easy to understand and pretty simple to spell out into a huge game of “How can we make our stupid, simple story seem intelligent?”.

Because of how scattered the plot is the first eight or nine episodes of the series are kind of boring. In this portion you’d typically see characters being made three-dimensional so the plot can progress with the viewer in an emotional bond with them. Hard to do so when the characters are paper thin. Even harder to do that when the viewer is bored out of his mind.

The middle is okay. By then you realize it’s an episodic show with little cohesion to the episodes aside from the Soldat. A third assassin character is introduced and it’s more of the same vanilla flavored action and story.

The final act of the story is where the show decides to stick its head up its ass. It wants to seem smarter than it is (and it does this throughout at certain points but not so prevalently as the end) and decides that instead of allowing the viewer to realize what Noir is and the value of the fifteen second speech that opens every episode of the series, it wants to repeat that speech over and over.

And it’s not just the speech about what Noir is that is drilled into the viewer. Mirielle’s parents were killed when she was a young child, leading her to her life as an assassin and one of her goals is to find who did it. She has flashbacks all the time to her parents lying dead on the floor and I’m not kidding when I say this scene is replayed fifteen or so times in the entire series. I get it! Her parents died!

It’s supposed to get us emotionally invested but nothing takes me out of a story more than constant reiteration of established points. The focal point of Mirielle’s actions are her parent’s deaths and early on we understand that. By the end, showing it again is meaningless because we get the character (what little there is of her).

Two things easily kill Noir: Repetition and the failed attempt at intelligence.

The repetition is more numerous than what I previously said too. If you plan on watching Noir, get ready to see reused footage a lot. Be prepared for constant flashbacks and even a flashback to a scene earlier in the same episode. That is what kills the beginning and end of the series. The middle isn’t quite as bad, but bookending your series that poorly means either the viewer will leave at the beginning or leave at the end with a bad taste in his mouth.

As his is an action series let’s talk about the action. That’s easy…

It blows.

I assume this show had a limited budget because what could have been awesome shoot-outs and various other action sequences boil down to bad guys standing in place and shooting while the heroes stand in place and shoot. Of course, the bad guys have never shot guns before, and also suffer from Parkinson’s Disease as they can’t shoot straight enough to hit their targets.

There’s one piece of action much later in the series that’s really bad where about twenty-five goons are on a staircase and Kirika approaches them, gun in hand. They all pull their weapons but decide not to shoot until she does. As they stand there shooting, she stands there shooting. Actually, only a couple people shoot, the others stand around with their guns at their sides wondering what kind of sandwich to order for lunch before getting picked off.

And that’s a sad thing because the action should be what holds this show together and keeps me watching, if nothing else. Instead, it’s just as piss-poor as the story.

Then there’s the problem of the characters not bleeding. My friend found an article (I’m not lying) that states that it’s all a philosophical thing. The main characters bleed to show humanity while bad guys don’t bleed because not having blood means they’re not human.
I’d like to refute that. Um, innocent people are murdered in this show and don’t bleed. I wouldn’t exactly consider the soulless, lifeless killing machine Kirika more human than the guy they assassinate who has a wife and daughter.

There’s truthfully no reason to not have blood and I feel that the impact of the action scenes, despite how bad they are, is even less because of the exclusion of blood. Nothing’s funnier than watching bad guys dance and then fall over for no reason. It makes the show seem PG, when the story is more of a PG-13 or R level.

The character’s, as expressed before, are paper-thin. There’s minor development but I wasn’t invested enough to care. Kirika is quiet, a killing machine. Mirielle drinks tea and wears really short skirts and kills people. The third assassin, Chloe, may actually have more emotion than either of the main characters despite being in the show so little.

That brings up my last point about the characters and story. Why such short skirts and heel boots? Wouldn’t an assassin want to wear something a little more…protective? It bothered me throughout that the director had an apparent idea that I would enjoy masturbating as these girls viciously murder people.

The animation is alright and the music is absolutely killer. The operatic soundtrack comes with haunting violins and an opening that really gets you in the mood for something dark and suspenseful. If nothing else, listen to the soundtrack for this show.

The only problem with the music is, much like the overuse of the same footage again and again, the music is played so much during the show as to get annoying. Be prepared for the same two or three music tracks every twenty minutes.

Noir is bad. It’s trying way too hard to be pretentious, recycles way too much footage and music, has awful action sequences and even worse characters. It’s an expression of how to do an action/thriller completely wrong. And it’s not that it’s embarrassing and awful like Jormungand, it’s that it’s boring and safe while trying to have staying power through a “mind-boggling” and “super smart” plot. Listen, adding historical significance and lots of quotes from high-brow literature and using Shakespearean language doesn’t make something smart. It can make it pretentious but pretension is easily gauged by whether it works or not and whether something is inherently smart enough to be allowed to be pretentious. Blade Runner can be as pretentious as it wants because it’s very intelligent. Noir, not so much.

And all of these problems I’ve stated can be forged into the singular nail that penultimately seals the coffin and ends this review:

Noir is boring.


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Oct 30, 2009


Plot: "Mireille Bouqet has become a reputable assassin working in France. However, all changes after she meets Kirika, a mysterious young girl who knows nothing about her past but possesses killing skills that dwarf hers. Further intrigue unfolds as both characters explore their shadowy past and come to a head with a clandestine organization that seeks to control destiny itself." (site synopsis)

Story: Noir started as the first project of Bee Train studio, exploring the girls with guns theme, a theme that spawned over 3 adaptations, made by the same studio, with many similarities in all aspects but different presentations. Somehow these projects were clearly overlooked since the projects were executed quite well in many aspects, but I have to agree that the aspect that lacks several stuff is indeed the story development. The show starts with introducing the two main protagonists, both of them being females (infact the 3 adaptations only feature main female leads which creates a shoujo-ai subplot that does not have any important role during the whole show, nothing lesbolicious that’s for sure). Mireille Bouquet is a professional assassin leading a comfortable life, the life of a lone wolf, taking different tasks from different clients and making a living over these issues. Her history is covered in mystery since her parents were murdered without a certain reason and it seems that part of her memory is also in fog, she can’t remember several things about her past. That is until she meets a girl named Kirika Yumura, a high-school girl that contacted Mireille with a strange message. Later Mireille receives the task of murdering Kirika however while she attempts to do so, she gets involved in another battle that was targeting this time both of them. Mireille witnesses a spectaculous yet gory show given by Kirika which had some extraordinary gun skills and absolutely no remorse whenever she killed something, making her the equivalent of a robot out of control with no emotions. After Mireille and Kirika managed to get to know stuff about eachother, they decided to form a team and discover they real identity and to uncover the lost memories. From here on the show gets an episodic aspect, since both heroines get caught into the schemes of an organization called The Soldats, which kept sending assassins to kill both of them, or more like to test them. The partnership between Mireille and Kirika is codenamed Noir (which means black in French) a notorious name in the underworld. From the beginning it was easy to realize that between Mireille and Kirika there is a certain connection even though it is not clearly revealed, but the one thing that both of them reacted to was a strange clock carried by Kirika. The sound that the clock made started to make Mireille to remember certain scenes about her past. Nevertheless a deal was made when the partnership was created, Mireille promised Kirika that she will help her explore her past however when she discovers it, she will have to kill her (quote: "You know what i do to make a living. You know that i cannot let you live." "I understand that." "After you find out who you realy are i will kill you." "I cant wait for that moment." – you really got to be insane to accept such a thing, but to happy too? Lol kinda sick if you ask me). The story of this show proves to be like a chain of experiences for both main leads, building up their strength and their skills for a certain battle. The waves sent by The Soldats had only one purpose, to train and test their skills in combat so that they can be prepared for a certain obstacle. Things start to get even more complicated once a girl named Chloe enters in the picture claiming that the duo Kirika and Mireille created is not the real Noir adding that she herself is a part of Noir too. Well this is all I can say about it, the story is kinda slow-paced developing in slow motion but like they say “slowly but surely” it will reach a culminant point. Usually the works of Bee Train focuses a lot on past issues, presenting characters that lost their memories and also developing a fantasy aspect as well which seems to have some references as well.

Animation and Sound: Well we talk about a show produced at the beginning of the third millennium, not a recent one, so of course the animation quality might be a little bit outdated however one cannot deny that the directing and art-style is inferior. Amazingly, a 2001 can pull a spectacular character choreography with cool action sequences and nice use of gun fire, this is how a true assassin show should be like and I have to admit that most of them share the aspects that I mentioned. Soundwise this anime is also amazing, featuring soundtracks created by a very popular Japanese composer called Yuki Kajiura. The opening and ending song themes are not that great but the background songs such as Canta Per Me or Salva Nos who follow the action sequences are very enjoyable.

Characters: Well talking about this anime, it has a nice character development, more and more characters show up and reveal their past and also the role that they will play in the future.In terms of characters this anime is way above average. Only three characters play a more important role in this show. Mireille is like a mother figure of the show, possessing both assassin skills but also the skills of a normal woman as well. Kirika on the other hand has better skills when it comes to using guns but she is a social outcast, because other than her assassin nature she pretty much fails in other mundane issues. Cloe, same like Kirika, at the beginning it gave a feeling of emptiness and darkness hidden within her cloak, however a character that has an important role until the end, being something like a catalist of the other two main leads.

Overall: Some people may say that this anime is rather confusing and weird in terms of story but i wana mention that stuff get realy simple around the ending, understandable at least.It was very enjoying since i havent seen many animes with this mixture of tags, cant call it a masterpiece but Noir has a place of its own.It has scenes filled with action and turns of events, never a boring moment, and always coming up with more and more surprizing stuff reaching a culminant point in the end.In other words it worths watching.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

9.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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Dec 26, 2016

Generally I’ve been lucky when it comes to series I’ve previously watched, but never got around to reviewing. Trigun, X and FLCL are just a few and they’re all worth the time to rewatch a second, third or fourth time (I’ve actually viewed FLCL about fifty times through) This time things aren’t so bright, as 10 hours of Noir is nothing to look forward to.

Story 5/10

Just from previous films and TV shows before it, you would think Assassin based series would be interesting. No nonsense guns for hire, taking out evil doers and spending they free time living the lavish life that comes with big dollar hits. Somehow Noir takes that seemingly cool world and turns it into a mundane day job where it makes the viewer feel like they are the one clocking in nine to five.

The sad part is that somewhere in that A-B-C pattern of every episode is a decent plot that never reached it’s full potential. (A plot that seems as if it may have inspired the current TV show Blindspot)

Mireille Bouquet is an assassin who one days comes across a young girl, Kirika, who possesses a pocket watch that belonged to her (Mireille’s) father (And me being the petty person I am found it annoying this small pocket watch was able to contain the mechanics for a watch and an for music playing!) Being that Kirika suffers from amnesia she is no help in identifying how she came to have the pocket watch, therefore Mireille decides it’s in her best interest to team up with the young girl, in order for them both to solve their own mystery, but she has one caveat, when their task is complete she will have to kill Kirika, because no one can know the identity of an assassin and live to pass the information on to others.

Unfortunatly that plot encompasses just a few brief seconds over the first few episodes, both of which focus on Mireille and Kirika being the targets of assassins, and their discovery that those assassins may have been hired by a group called the Soldats, a name that has a connection to Mireille’s slain parents. It’s not until episode ten, and the arrival of the third assassin, Chloe, that the story of the Soldats and the true backstory of Noir starts to unfold.

From that point on most of the episodes either deal with Mireille’s family and their new rivalry with Chloe, unsure if she’s there to kill them or protect them.  Eventually this leads to the unveiling of what Noir really is, a team of two killers, groomed since childhood, to become to assassination team for the Soldats, though now the three vying for the role have to be whittled down to two.

Where as many anime series seem to get cut short at the thirteen episode mark, Noir appears to have been given an initial twenty six episode run, while really only having enough for those thirteen episodes. They follow that up by ending on somewhat of a cliff hanger and the ability to build a story around a more direct Noir virus the Soldats story line. When they stuck to episodes focusing on the main plot they were excellent, but it’s just too bad that they decided to spend more time on the brainless assassination mission episodes.

Animation 4/10

The animation feels like they got three completed different groups of people to complete the work, one good, one okay and one awful. 

The background plates are all drawn and colored very nicely. While there is nothing really eye catching about them, they are still all created with great detail and shaded by someone who cared to look at the scenes with the lens of a cinematographer.

Somewhere in the middle is the body animation. The characters aren’t the best when it comes to proportions or realism, but when they perform actions you can see where those particular animators shine.

Now here comes the downside of the series’ animation, the heads. While not only completely out of proportion for a majority of the series, they look as if they were pulled from old episodes of Ranma 1/2 or Kimagure Orange Road, where every character had the face of a baby, drawn with the most simplistic look possible. Our few main characters (Mirielle, Kirk, Chloe and Altena) all look like they are from a completely different world than those minor characters in the series.

One interesting choice made in the animation department was the use of blood. Dozens of people are killed, thousands of bullets are shot and voilence is in no short supply, but the only blood throughout the whole show comes from Mirielle getting a few grazing wounds from gun shots, and even then it’s barely a drip. 

As a whole, while the animation was for the most part solid, there was never anything that really made me stand up and shout. Even for the time period it was far behind other series in almost every aspect.

Sound 6/10

The music in Noir is so incredibly frustrating, and oddly it’s not because it’s bad but because it’s good. The majority of the music is composed by Yuki Kajiura. Her style, also used to great effect in .Hack//Sign, is so perfect for the tone and nature of this series. Most notable is the song Canta per me, which adds the beautiful singing of Yuriko Kaida to Kajiiura’s orchestration.

The frustration comes from the same two or three songs being used repeatedly throughout the entire series, often at the same time stamp each episode. The work is so good I don’t hate hearing the songs, but I’d love to hear more of it, both in variety of song and which sections of the songs are played. As the series goes on you may hear another great tune every few episodes, but with a twenty six episode long series it’s just too much repetition. If I were to rate the series music, as if I just listened to it on a CD, I’d have to give it a solid nine, but in a series music can’t only be judged for the song alone.

While I’m not crazy about the opening and closing songs, they are standard anime fare when it comes to those things. The opening track does actually fit perfectly with the series, as it sounds as if it could fit in as a James Bond theme.

The voice acting in the series is on the better side of decent. While both of our main actresses are pros at what they do, I feel the English producers saw Monica Rial’s (Kirkia) work in Excel Saga and thought “Yeah let’s have the feel of this character be more brainless than youthful” 

On the other hand the minor characters fall short, not in their V.O. artist’s ability, but in the choice of voice style. The series focuses mainly around southern France and Italy, but the accents never work. Most characters, no matter where they reside from, sound either Eastern European or America. They needed to decide to go with accents, or not, instead of having two characters from the same country sound like they’re from opposite ends of the globe.

Characters 4/10

As with many girls with guns and assassins series, the characters are extremely boring, unrefined and often predictable, Noir makes sure to keep that standard alive. 

The character who can most be described as the number one, a film term for most prominent actor, is Mireille Bouquet. Her main goal, like the goal in ten thousand movies before it, is revenge over the murder of her parents. She tries to be tough as nails, but Kirika has broken though and become a small part of her life, almost as if she was her only family.

The number two character, who serves as both her partner and her possible final target, is Kirika Yumura. Kirk suffers from amnesia, waking up to find an outfit, an idea card and the ability to be a top class assassin. Like when used in most series, amnesia here feels like a crutch for not wanting to, or being able to, write a decent back story. Like Mireille she starts to grow slightly as a character towards the end, worried what she’ll become if she finds out the truth about her purpose in life.

The only other character who plays prominently in the series is Chloe. She’s also pretty terribly written, a cliche mysterious assassin with abilities that far surpass our other two …heroes I guess we’d call them. She claims to be the real second member of Noir, along with Kirika and will make sure they are the pair that performances the ritual.

Pretty much everyone else in the series is a one off character, either their for a specific assassination mission or to drop a clue about the soldats or Kirika’s past.

Overall 4/10

Noir was a decent five or six episode OVA stuck within a terrible twenty six episode procedural. Every episode played out the same way, with few even touching on the overall plot. Even in the end it feels as if they completely forgot about what they were aiming for and just pieced together some random gun fights to end things. 

A shorter series, focusing on Mireille’s rise as an assassin, finding Kirika’s memory or an uncovering of the Soldats would probably been much better than what essentially was Golgo 13 with ladies.

5/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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May 21, 2012

Noir is the first of a long line of chicks with guns series, most of which are made by Studio Bee Train. It made some sensation when it first came out (like most new anime do) but it was pretty much shoved to the side more and more with each new similar anime before eventually being almost forgotten after Requiem for the Phantom came out (which is the best of this sort of shows). Most anime that are regarded to be the first in a field are usually labeled as all time classics and remain known to most (examples of which are Astro Boy, Hokuto no Ken, and Urusei Yatsura) but this is not the case with this show. Why? Simple; its context was so simple, it got rehashed right away in later shows with gradually better directing. That didn’t happen with the shows I mention above; they still feel unique even decades after they were made. So to give you a simple comparison, it’s like watching five seasons of Pokemon. The visuals may be improving but they are otherwise THE EXACT SAME THING!

Let’s now focus a bit on the technicals of the show. The artwork is ok for its time, not too detailed but not too shabby either. The character figures are generic, especially when it comes to the mass produced Men In Black baddies. The animation is rather standard, with people mostly standing still and talking, while action sequences are basically the girls doing some really impossible acrobatics while their enemies are standing frozen for several seconds. Meaning, although the battles seem impressive on a superficial level, it all boils down to a few girls killing a dozen men with a six pistol, while miraculously evading a hundred bullets with fancy aerobics and hitting their opponents easily because they are standing still. Hey, I can only suspend my disbelief for a few episodes before it gets repetitive and the stupidity of the whole thing surfaces. THE MOOKS DON’T EVEN BLEED!

The music is very good if you are fans of lyric music full of ambience. I personally have nothing against it and it holds out as a fine soundtrack to bye. The dialogues also have some maturity in them for going for some deep psychological or mysterious issues from time to time. Other than that, the overall simple context of the whole series will most likely make them feel like they are repeating pointlessly. Thus it is the music and not the talking that keeps you interested. Sound effects, meh, nothing special to comment.

The story and characters are A MESS! Trying to stretch a simplistic premise to last a full season can only be accomplished by slow pace, repeating flashbacks, going in circles, and throwing in lots of battles with easily defeated baddies. It tries to be mature and mysterious but eventually the ending is one big WTF and you are left wondering the point of the whole show. Ancient secrets and emo chicks that shoot anything that moves; it’s just not working. The main characters DO develop though. And by main, I mean only the girls since the male genre in this series is just an army of clones, identical weaklings without a face or personality. It’s all about the girls and their emo pasts. There is some interesting chemistry amongst them (hem, yuri, hem) but the whole thing happens so slow and repeats a lot before eventually going for some magical nonsense in the finale. Yeah ok, lol and move along.

There is no value in this anime, since as I said Requiem for the Phantom is its nth remake and the best of its kind (although I am no fan of emo chicks with guns and by no means fan of that series). As one described it, such Bee Train shows are basically long moody music videos and not good action/mystery series. So no, I don’t recommend it. Hear the soundtrack and skip the rest.

And now for some excused scorings.

Analysis: General Artwork 1/2, Character Figures 1/2, Backgrounds 1/2, Animation 1/2, Visual Effects 1/2

Analysis: Voice Acting 2/3, Music Themes 3/4, Sound Effects 2/3

Analysis: Premise 1/2, Pacing 0/2, Complexity 1/2, Plausibility 0/2, Conclusion 1/2

Analysis: Presence 1/2, Personality 2/2, Backdrop 1/2, Development 1/2, Catharsis 2/2

Analysis: Historical Value 0/3, Rewatchability 0/3, Memorability 1/4

Analysis: Art 0/1, Sound 1/2, Story 0/3, Characters 0/4


3/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Mar 14, 2012

Alright, since this is my first review, I can give this a shot.

Okay, what I think of this anime is that it is fantastic; I love the storyline, characters, and music as well.

Seems like it is a James Bond-like anime to say for sure, there is a main character named Kirika Yuumura.

At the beginning of the series, she loses her memories, she meets a woman named Mireille Bouquet, during the series they take a religious journey to help Kirika find her memories.

In the mid-episodes, they meet yet, another assassin named Chloe.

Chloe claims to be "The True Noir"; telling Mireille that she and Kirika are meant to be Noir together.

Angered and flustured by this comment, Mireille lashes out that Chloe is insane about the ancient fate, but soon, as Chloe tells her that she is the daughter of the soldats, she finally realizes why.

Later in the series, Kirika gets killed by Chloe from the barrel of her gun; causing her to remember who she truly was before she lost her memories.

Feeling contented by the fate chosen, Chloe tells Mireille who killed her family; saying that she had witnessed it from her own two eyes, assumingly she was a child then and remembers it quite clearly just to taunt her out of it.

Angered by Chloe's taunts to remember, Kirika runs off and headed towards the cemetary, killing the soldats as a result.

                         Chloe and Dark Kirika

As the final result, Kirika turns back into the person she once was, journeying herself to Corisca--to find the "mistress Altena" Chloe has mentioned before and to be reunited with them.

Altena, Mireille, Kirika and Chloe

Later in the manor, Kirika--the killer, starts to asks questions about who she is.

Altena answers that she once lived here in Corsica, where the children had persished and suffered many obstacles and had left to die in the wilderness.

Chloe, howvever, seems to show jealousy towards the closeness of Altena and Kirika's relationship.

Later on, Kirika roams throughout the darkest parts of the manor, encountering bloodly swords and chain shackles.

She says that the room smelt of blood, Chloe appears, replying that she is right.

Kirika then, asks that why had the people suffered and that Corsica is her home, (In which, the compassionate, human side of Kirika is reaching out to Chloe.)

The rest I pefer not to say, in which it might spoil the plot for those of you who want to watch it.

Dark Kirika and ChloeDark Kirika and Chloe

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
10/10 overall
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