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Mireille Bouqet has become a reputable assassin working in France. However, all changes after she meets Kirika, a mysterious young girl who knows nothing about her past but possesses killing skills that dwarf hers. Further intrigue unfolds as both characters explore their shadowy past and come to a head with a clandestine organization that seeks to control destiny itself.

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Name Role
Yoko KIKUCHI Character Design
Minako SHIBA Character Design
Koichi MASHIMO Director
Yuki KAJIURA Music
Shigeru KITAYAMA Producer

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Noir roriconfan 4/10 May 21, 2012
Noir romantica12 10/10 Mar 14, 2012
Noir MugenNeS 10/10 Dec 3, 2011
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BBaker70014 rated the Noir anime 2.5/5 stars

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The country of Gazth-Sonika has been engaged in a civil war for more than a decade, struggling to stay afloat amidst attacks from the anti-government faction known as Garza. With lies and corruption seeping into the political food chain, a mysterious book in one young girl’s possession may be the only key to uncovering the truth and bringing an end to the war. This book, however, is sought by many. And when the invincible agent Madlax is hired to protect those in search of its truth, Gazth-Sonika dispatches a ruthless soldier to make sure that truth stays in the darkness...

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Dark and complicated plots would probably be the first similarity between the series. Wonderful soundtrack composed by the same author is another reason to see both series. Same animation studio, action genre and character design are yet another aspects connecting the series together. Last, but not least, bothe series revolve around almost untouchable female leads.
The two shows are obviously very similar. Both center around a search for the past, in the midst of assassinations and other things involved with the criminal "underworld." Noir and Madlax also have top-notch soundtracks and animation, and are overall extremely well-done products. These two shows are some of the most worthwhile watches around.
Now this is an easy recommendation to make. I barely know where to start... The similarities between "Madlax" and "Noir" are many and obvious. Both series feature female assassins, a dark complicated plot, a search for the past (or a search for oneself if you like), larger-than-life mystery in which a powerful hidden organisation plays a major role, and these are just the most important similarities. In fact one of these series' weaknesses may be that they're almost TOO MUCH alike, as I at times experienced deja-vu while watching. Even things such as atmosphere and music (which is great) are similar in both. Also animation style, directing and character designs resemble each other. I'm quite confident that if you liked one you'll like the other.
How could the two of these not be recommended for each other? Not only are they both Beetrain series (and seemingly carbon copies, but not once you get into it), but both have the same composer for the music, which gives the same haunting melodies. Not to mention the plots are extremely similar.. mysterious girls with guns, anyone? Granted, the plot of Madlax is remarkably more political in nature , but i still can't see why you'd like one but not the other.

If you liked Madlax, you'd like Noir because, well, it's basically the same anime. Everything including the music, the animation style and the characters are so much alike that you will have a feeling of deja vu throughout the entire anime.


Both series are from the same Studio, Bee Train, and have the same exciting story. So if you liked Noir you will love Madlax. ;) And of course if you saw Madlax, you'll love Noir too. ^^


Madlax and Noir are from the same creators and it's hard to let that go unnoticed. The flow of the series, the main character's skill and the wonderful music in one reminds you of the other. Don't worry though, the story itself is different. ;)


Noir and Madlax are the first two series in Bee Train's "girls with guns" trilogy. Unsurprisingly, they have an awful lot in common. Both have plot threads related to amnesia, questions about the deaths of parents, and a conspiracy involving some underground criminal organization. They also both feature music by Yuki Kajiura. However, there are also enough differences so that you won't feel like you're watching a total clone; Noir is very dark and set in Europe, whereas the colorful Madlax takes place largely in a South American jungle-type of setting. Also, Noir's protagonists are together from the start while in Madlax they don't meet until some ways in. There are other differences, but suffice to say if you liked one of these, you should still find the second to be of interest.


Madlax and Noir are similar in style; both have a gripping underlying story. These series require some philosophy to be enjoyed to their fullest but will work for a "no-brainer" anime night.


In all important aspects, Noir and Madlax are essentially the same anime. They have the same themes, the same action, the same everything really. If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other.


It is the same mysterious feeling, music and a women carrying guns! Like always I guarantee you that you will love it as I did


Apart for Madlax and Noir both being part of what the Bee Train studio calles "Girls tih guns trilogy, these two titles have more similarities than differences. Two young girls with an uncanny bond that links their fates together, a cast of various other female characters some of which or most of which exhibit a strong attraction to one of the two main protagonists, an evil shadowy organization that has a European name, misterious past and amnesia of the lead characters, acrobatic gunfights accompanied by music composed by the same author. SO if you liked Noir but want a more "supernatural" twist, give Madlax a try


Noir and Madlax are very, very similar. It is apparent that they were both created by the same group, BeeTrain. The shows look the same, sound the same, and share the same themes. Both of these feature gun weilding assassin heroines who must discover the truth while fighting against a secret organisation. So, if you enjoyed one, give the other a try.


These two animes have so muchin common it's hard to know where to begin. There were made by the same studi, they both have music from Yuki Kajiura. They are so much alike and give the same feeling while watching and yet it doesn't feel like watching a copy of other. If you liked one, the other won't deceive you.


Both series are made by the same team (Bee Train). They are part of the "girls with guns trilogy" and both have a great soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura.


Madlax and Noir are like siblings, and sisters at that. They both feature female main protagonists, who are incredibly skillful with guns.

Both stories share the same cliches of uncovering the past of main characters, but it is done in a subtle non-obtrusive way and the final product is well worth watching.

Finally, if you are an anime music lover, these shows are boasting amazing soundtracks by Yuki Kajiura.


Girls with guns. Girls who are very proficient with guns. Girls who are excellent assassins. Taking this overdone premise, and setting it in a darker world with a slightly more fantasy twist, these shows have an equal helping of story as well as the inevitable gun-toting action.

Although in both Madlax and Noir the ending isn't as strong as the buildup, I still think fans of one will love the other.


Madlax and Noir are similar in the way that the main characters are gun totting females. The main characters have a mysterious past, unclear to themselves, that explain why they're so crazy good with guns and how they got into the lifestyle. The animes are serious with plenty of action, and take on a bit of military style. Madlax and Noir, the titles of the anime and the main characters, have characters that are following/wondering about them and have a connection to their pasts.


Both of these have parallel stories of two female protagonists that are seeking to find out who they are, and what their pasts were.  One difference that stood out to me was that Noir seemed to be slower paced than Madlax, but that didn't detract from it.  Overall, with the similarities between the drawing style and music - if you enjoyed one you are definitely going to enjoy the other.


Both anime are really similar. Both feature nigh invulnerable female assassins who looks for their past and both have a complicated plot involving undeground organizations. Also both of them were made by the same studio and their soundtrack was made by Yuji Kajiura, so you'll have the same feeling when you're watching them. If you liked one, you'll enjoy the other.


Both series have strong female lead and both series do well in creating an episodic and bad ass feel to them. I am sure you will like both. 

Noir had the same slow pace as Madlax but they were both really deep in storyline where you really wanted to know what happened next

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

Henrietta is a young girl who works for a "welfare group" that does the government's dirty work. Cybernetically-enhanced and specially-trained, she is one of a group of elite hit-girls, remorseless killers with no memories of their past. Jose, her partner, has taken care of her since she was brought into the organization following the murder of her family, and struggles between his affection for her, and his opposing duty to his employer. But, time is running out.. for with each bullet they fire, Henrietta and the other girls lose a little more of their humanity.

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Fantastic soundtracks, lots of action involving girls and guns (duh) are qualities Noir and Gunslinger Girl both share. Whilst Noir is a more slow paced anime, you'd still definately enjoy Gunslinger Girls and vice versa. I'd also like to point out excellent and believeable characters make both series must sees.
Girls with guns, what more can one say other than these two series have alot in simmilar. Both mystic and sad, actionfilled and have alot of character depth.
Where to start? Dark complicated plots, action sequences composed of rains of hot led, wonders about one's own meaning of existance and place in the world/society about which typical teenagers are only beginning to question are only few similarities between the series. Great animation and wounderful soundtrack are few more elements parallels to which can be drawn between the series.
Girl assassins with guns... if that was the only similarity between "Gunslinger girl" and "Noir", I wouldn't be making this recommendation, but it isn't. Both of these anime have a dark atmosphere to them and an overall serious tone (expect pure drama without comedy) and both of them have an intriguing story with which to back up all the shooting action. On the whole I would grade Noir somewhat higher, but they're similar enough (and Gunslinger girl is good enough) for me to be able to make this recommendation.
Though these series have a completely different setting there are some similarities between them. Both series have young girls who are exceptionally good hitmen. The feel of these series are also a little different from each other, but I'd say give it a try.
The parallels between Noir and Gunslinger Girl are pretty heavy, but GG definitely focuses more on moral issues than actual kicking ass. I do definitely think if you liked one, you'd like the other for a ton of different reasons.
There are reasons one would like both of these shows beyond the "girls with guns" similarity. Both have realistic-looking animation and an overall serious feel to them. They also have a large focus upon character relationships. Noir, however, has much more depth to it as far as storyline (probablyy because it is a longer series), more conflict, emotion, and identity in the characters, and just felt more realistic overall. In addition, Noir had better action and an amazing soundtrack. Nonetheless, if you liked one, you'd probably like the other.

Both shows feature young girls with guns. More importantly they both have a serious tone with little to no humor or fan service, can be very dark at times and feature characters with a tragic past. Gunslinger Girl is more depressing but if you like one I think you'll enjoy the other.


Both Noir and Gunslinger Girl have lots of gun-based violence and deep emotional character development.


I'll second what several other recommenders have stated: Both are intelligent "girls with guns" series which focus not on fanservice but instead on character development and difficult but rewarding relationships. Noir is the more completely told story. Gunslinger is the more interesting, somewhat frightening concept.


If chicks with guns is your thing, then you have come to the right place! Both Noir and Gunslinger Girl have a group (or duo) of strong, young women who are assassins; it doesn't get much more "girl power" than this!

The girls/women have pasts that slowly unravel as the series go forward, and to a certain extent, explain their need to do what they do.

Both are great series.


Girls with guns, assasination training, and no memories - these are the basics that define both Noir and Gunslinger Girl. But the similarities don't stop there; both series are largely story driven, while also having intense action scenes. Noir focuses more on the girls and their mysterious past, while Gunslinger Girl focuses more on the girls future and loss of humanity, but both have a similar atmosphere overall.


While both Noir and Gunslinger Girl fall quite accurately into the "Girls with Guns" or "Assassin" genres, both are focused less on the action (common staple of both genres, for obvious reasons) and more on stories and characters.  Not to say they don't have their share of action, just that it's not the focus.  The stories are very different ones, but both keep to a more serious and realistic standard than much of their genre.  Both stories are also based in Europe.


Both these anime's have girls who are assassins. Throughout their jobs they both meet different people and aquire strange connections to other people which causes a awkward type of feel for the anime's, killing people and meeting people that you get close to in the process.


Noir and Gunslinger Girl do not have much in common in terms of story of characters, still they're both set in Europe (which isn't all that common in anime nowadays). Both series will also please fans of the girls-with-guns genre, as both series tells the story of female assassins who basically needs to kill to make a living.


In both series, there are such things as: Assassins, excellent music, Europe, deep character development, tinges of sadness, (light) moral dilemas, and so much more. These anime generally take their plot seriously; making for an excellent watch. If you liked one, the other is sure to please!

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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Follow interstellar bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they scour the galaxy for criminals with prices on their heads. Hoping to escape their past, they live on the spaceship Bebop, but it's a dangerous business and old enemies don't forget easily. Allies come from unlikely sources, however, as they find comrades in the beautiful swindler Faye Valentine, the genius child hacker Ed and the genetically engineered 'data dog' Ein. Will they be able to help each other though their respective struggles, or is their fate really inevitable?

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Similar to Noir with its fluid martial arts and gunfighting, both of an intriguing plot that completely justifies the amount of violence. Must watch.
Sort of a similar cool style, and you should enjoy some of the mystery that is slowly unraveled.
Obviously both series are based on the same jobs, professional killing. Noir has a team of two, one a freaky inate killer girl the other the pro with more experience. Cowboy Bebop has one guy who does most of the killing, but also has a team for backup. Both series reek with style, especially CB with its great music. Whats great is they both dont just dwell on the story of their Job, but there is an underlying story based on their pasts to make the series even more interesting.
These two shows have a lot of things in common. On top of the obvious similarities in being heavy on action and based around bounty hunting, both shows have many similar themes. The characters in both shows are highly realsitc, and the plots are very deep, emotional, and just plain great. These two shows also have exceptionally high-quality soundtracks and very dark, realistic, and fluid animation (though, oddly enough, Noir has very little blood in it). People who like either one of these two almost invariably like the other.
The girls of Noir and the motley crew in Cowboy Bebop both serve as guns-for-hire to bring criminals to justice... legally or otherwise. While Cowboy Bebop tends to be a little more light-hearted than Noir, both are well done with beautiful soundtracks and intriguing stories.
Although Cowboy Bebop is blatently in space and Noir is not, both of these series have a similar theme, and plot even. You will like the shooting up everything with guns and charm. Also individual missions to take on to make money, or get one step closer to the truth.

You would like this because they both have some pretty good gunfight/martial art scenes. Both are somewhat similar when it comes to explaining the different characters and why they are where they are, and last but not least the lovely violence.


These series both follow mysterious main characters who happen to either catch or kill people to make their money. While mixing together mystery and action, these series each also have a great sound track, making them fit well together.



In the present day, terrorism is on the rise and the Ua Virus – a biological agent with a 100% kill rate – has been unleashed into the populace. In Shanghai, Canaan is a near-unstoppable soldier who roams the streets, always in the path of a bullet. She is a Synesthetist – a person able to use all five senses at once – who harbors a burning desire for revenge and has a past shrouded in mystery. While the Ua Virus infects more people in the city, others cross paths with Canaan including Minoru, a freelance journalist; Maria, Canaan’s close friend who was infected with the Ua Virus and lost her memory of the incident; and The Snakes, a shady and violent group with mysterious motives. Danger lies at every turn for Canaan and ultimately the rest of mankind…


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If you like girls with guns and alot of mystery then these are the anime for you! With lots of action sceenes these anime will keep you hooked.


Both series are about groups of women who have dangerous day jobs which involve escaping with their lives and toting big guns. No matter what the job these women complete it. If you liked one then you will surely like the other.


You like girls with guns, assassins, mercenaries and an anime with an astonishing mystery aspect? Then Canaan and Noir are the animes that will keep you captivated, always filled with action and interesting scenes.If you happen to like one of this two then for sure you will like the other one as well.


Each of these series focuses on a gunslinger girl trying to figure out a very large mystery. The leads in each series are orphaned at a young age and trained to kill. They both have a lot of action scenes to go along with the mystery, making them a good fit.


Both series feature a kickass female duo. Canaan and Noir are two of the very best series the "Girls-with-Guns" trope has to offer. In both series you'll also find an intriguing story about a girl in search of her own identity, a ton of action, a fair share of character development, and just a tiny dose of yuri subtext for the fans of the genre (though you'll find way more of this in Canaan than Noir).


Both have gunslinger girls and beautiful animation. Fight scenes are common and extremely artistic. The storyline is kinda similar. If you enjoyed one you will surely enjoy the other.


Both are of similar genre and material, dealing with concepts of friendship, humanizing assassins, and an array of other psychological tensions all tied together with an ambience of mystery. Noir is slower, more mysterious, and executed better; while Canaan is more action-packed, sexually suggestive, and doesn't feel as "deep".

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El Cazador de la Bruja

El Cazador de la Bruja

Ellis is a young girl who possesses a strange ability to manipulate particles, and has an unfortunate case of amnesia. After accidentally killing a professor in the middle of an experiment, Ellis fled to Mexico and lived under the care of an old lady for many years, but her past has finally caught up with her; there's a price on her head, and men trying to capture her, dead or alive. She meets the bounty hunter Nadie, who befriends her and helps her escape; and together, they decide to travel south to Winay Marka, “The Land of Eternity”, to find clues about Ellis’ past. What’s the origin of Ellis’ powers, and what does “Project Leviathan” have to do with it?

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not rated
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7 people agree

While Noir and El Cazador are not a sequel/prequel of each other, they are both made by the same team and share the theme of "girls with guns". If you like the animation, story and music of one of these series, you will definitely like the other one.

As far as differences, El Cazador is quieter and less action-packed, and Nadie is not a "superhero" like Mireille. Also, Ellis looks more lively than Kirika.


Both of these anime have the same theme: girls with guns. You also get the same feeling from them, and the music is quite similar (both are done by Yuki Kajiura)

In Noir, the girls earn their living by killing targets as assasins, and in El Cazador as bouty hunters. They're not the same, but still quite similar. The girls in these two anime are always in danger and must fight against many foes, using guns as their weapons.


Both Noir and El Cazador were created by the same team and have the same theme: girls with guns. Once you watch one and pick up the other, you'll see the similarity.


These two anime both feature two heroins attempting to understand themselves so as to better understand their futures. Most importantly though, these two shows are part of Bee Train's, Girls with Guns trilogy. The two shows, more in Noir than in El Cazador, the two females must look within to decide whom they wish to be and if they are willing to fight for those identities. I strongly recommend one if you have already seen the other.


Both series are made by the same team (Bee Train). They are part of the "girls with guns trilogy" and both have a great soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura.


The similarities between Noir and El Cazador are vast, yet fresh for each series (perhaps because of the animation, not sure). Overall each series is episodic in nature with final goal in mind, it's 2 women in a senpai<->kohai relationship, with the younger having stronger latent abilities than the senior, and last, but not least, the music. If you like the action/drama musical score of either series, you'll love it in the other. It compliments both shows quite well for their episodic nature.


Both shows have the same makers and the same theme in mind, girls with guns. Two female protagonists are on a journey of discovery, gun in hand and mysterious foes doing everything they can to hinder them. From the animation to the music and to the bloodless violence these shows fit into each others shadow like a glove. The only difference worth mentioning is that each show strived to reach a different flavor, this they certainly achieved.

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