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Nodame Cantabile

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The studious and uptight Chiaki is well-known as the top pianist of his school, and dreams of becoming a world-class conductor like his idol, Viera; but his fear of flying (which makes studying abroad impossible) combined with a recent break-up and dismissal from his piano instructor causes that future to seem both bleak and unlikely. After collapsing outside of his apartment, drunk, Chiaki inadvertently meets a young woman named Nodame who, while quite talented at the piano, is unclean, clumsy, and haphazard. Despite being almost polar opposites, the two begin to grow closer and work, together, to overcome the obstacles in their careers.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Nodame Cantabile: Paris TV 2008 Sequel
Nodame Cantabile: Special Lesson DVD Special 2008 Side Story Episode released with the DVD boxset. Set between episodes 8 and 9.
Puri Gorota: Uchuu no Yuujou Daibouken OVA 2008 TBD
Nodame Cantabile OVA OVA 2009 Same Franchise Special OVA released with volume 22 of the manga.
Nodame Cantabile: Finale TV 2010 Same Franchise
Nodame Cantabile: Finale Special DVD Special 2010 Same Franchise
Nodame Cantabile OVA 2 OVA 2010 Same Franchise Special OVA released with volume 24 of the manga.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Nodame Cantabile 2001 TBD
Name Role
Shuichi SHIMAMURA Character Design
Kenichi KASAI Director
Suguru MATSUTANI Music
Tomoko NINOMIYA Original Manga Creator
Kouji YAMAMOTO Producer
Atsuya TAKASE Producer
Nobuhiro OSAWA Producer
Yukihiro ITO Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Nodame Cantabile Arcanum 8.5/10 Oct 2, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Nodame Cantabile Moparty 8.4/10 Aug 30, 2013
Nodame Cantabile RedCrossRobbery 8.5/10 Dec 11, 2011
Nodame Cantabile zonkiethegreat 8.5/10 Sep 28, 2011
parfaited watched Nodame Cantabile at 23 of 23 episodes
Misty102288 rated the Nodame Cantabile anime 4/5 stars
Noricima removed the Nodame Cantabile anime from their anime list
Tiranna watched Nodame Cantabile at 23 of 23 episodes
Eresius rated the Nodame Cantabile anime 3.5/5 stars

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Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover

Art college: cradle of romance, home of bittersweet moments. Takemoto is struggling to find his direction in life, while his roommates Morita and Mayama are moving confidently - or recklessly - towards their goals. Enter Hagu-chan, the childlike and beautiful prodigy whom everyone admires; and thus the love triangles begin. Together, the trio explore the pain of first love, the trials of romantic conflict, and our loyalty to those annoying people who happen to be our closest friends.

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Both shows are slice-of-life shows centered around college students trying to get along in their careers while dealing with various personal issues. The episodes of each show have a very similar feel, and both contain both a healthy amount of humor and serious plot/character development. Nodame Cantabile is less episodic, but otherwise the two are quite similar.


These two anime have the same feel, same atmosphere, although it must be said that Nodame Cantabile is focused one less people, while Honey and clover has different couples to explore.


Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile are realistic and emotional; they are made to reflect a part of our lives: college. While watching, you may fall in love with art and also with the characters that are so well-developed. Both series are about dreams, about people, and their thoughts and doings. Surely, they will change your vision of the future. Indeed, they are two masterpieces of the genre.


If you happened to like josei anime with a bit of slice of life, then Honey Clover and Nodame are good choices.  Both stories revolve around college students and their quests for inspiration and love.


Both series have a collegian atmosphere and involve one-sided love. While the characters are vastly different, both series concentrate heavily with the development of the main characters and how they "grow-up". If you've enjoyed one, you'll probably like the other.


both have the same atmosphere and feeling:cute,lovely,relaxing and of course funny with slices of life.though nodame cantabile is less episodic and centers on less characters.in both we see different characters becoming friends and filling the empty places of each other's life.


Honey and clover is an anime that takes you through a broad spectrum of feelings over the 26 episodes it lasts. This is thanks to a well written story and interesting characters acting it out. Nodame Cantebile does the same thing, but with more comedy and more music. You will also recognize a familiar animation style if you've seen either because they are very similar.


Well, starting with animation, both anime are very similiar. I'm not sure about the studio's they were produced in but watching NC I can't get rid of the image of H&C, it kept distracting me in the begining. Both series are so hilarious that you won't be able sit still for more than 5 minutes and I mean it! If you have at least a tiny sense of humour you will fall in love with both of these anime. I'm almost absolutely sure that if you enjoyed one of them , the other will definitelly not dissapoint you!!


With both series focus on characters entering their adult life while dealing with the day to day struggles of school life.


With a slice of life look at the world of students, aiming for some goal in their life that they still have no idea of where they are heading is just one of the striking similiarities between these series. Indeed, they do not end there, with the same likeable characters, outstanding music and animation, Nodame Cantabile and Honey and Clover are one of the best combinations going.


If you liked one, I'm sure you will like the other ! They have very similiar charm, a warm atmosphere. Both are talking about art college students and their aspirations. H&C an NC are realistic, touching and has very good fabula.


Both are josei anime involving college students and they both include heavy doses of comedy with some romance and drama. Although H&C feature more romance and drama than NC, it's still a large chance that you'll like one if you liked the other.


Artists and Musicians have long been known for their peculiar ways. Though highlighted moreso in Nodame, these two shows are an easy recommendation. They share themes of self improvement, romance, and just the right amount of drama.


Let's start with the similarities:

Both shows were produced by JC Staff. Add to this point: Both shows were directed by Ken'ichi Kasai. Both shows take place in a college setting. Both have a slice-of-life feel, though as another user mentioned, Nodame Cantabile is less episodic and moves along at a faster pace.

Character development in both series is very strong. While Nodame Cantabile is more centered around a main pairing, Honey and Clover tends to bounce around various couples and the love polygon that exists.

Both shows also heavily feature self-discovery and goal-seeking. There's also plenty of humor to off-set the more serious undertones as well.

Differences? This is a bit difficult. Honestly, the feel of the two series is very similar. The main male leads are quite different: Takemoto is very uncertain about his life, and rather child-like, while Chiaki is considered to be very mature, and very goal-oriented.

If you like one, there's a very strong chance you'll like the other one, simply because of the vibes that you'll be getting from each one.


Each of these series focus around college level artists/musicians trying to fulfill their dreams. Throughout the stories, they both manage to create a lot of humor, some romance, and some drama, although H&C is more romance/drama driven and slightly more mature. If you enjoyed one series you'll likely enjoy the other.


Both shows have very similar art styles and are centered on the lives of college students. With this comes the similar humour of an eccentric character who pesters the more collected characters and also a similar romantic tension that comes with their encounters. Much of the struggles are also centered about life and growing up in an art world. 

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La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~

La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~

Hino Kahoko is a sophomore at a high school which caters to both general students, and the musically elite. On the first day of class, Hino meets a fairy named Lili and is entrusted with a magical violin; this violin has the ability to express the music in someone’s heart, even if they do not possess the talent for playing the instrument. With the violin in her care, Hino must now compete in a musical competition, but the guilt of not having true musical talent consumes her. Lili’s dream is to bring happiness to people with music, but Hino isn’t sure she has what it takes to be the one to do it. Can Hino perservere, or will she abandon Lili’s dream?

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Nodame and La Corda are quite similar in that they both are about music and have a romantic feel. La Corda d'Oro is a bit more of a Shojo anime, with plenty of bishonen and bits of romance. Still, you would probably enjoy the music and fall in love with the characters too!


Both series are full of music and fun. The main character in Nodame is very much like Hino because she doesn't think that she can play very well; but in reality everyone loves to hear her play. No magic violin is in Nodame, though... just a normal piano. 


If you love classical music and anime about people who love classical music you really should watch both Nodame and la Corda d'Oro. Additionally both anime are beautifully animated, and has well thought out plots.


Both Nodame Cantabile and La Corda D'Oro follows a group of students going to school for music, and involves the competitions that they participate in. If you enjoy classical music I think you would like these series.


Both animes are very similar. Nodame in Nodame Cantabile plays differently based on her feelings at the time. This is also how Hino from La Corda played her violin. Both are very emotional and leave an emotional impact.


Both series focus on the «discovery» of the true concept of music by music students. While the theme might be the same, these two shows have completely different moods. In Nodame you'll spend half the time laughing, while in Corda d'Oro it's mostly a serious mood sometimes bordering on depressive. Not to say that Corda is a bad anime... I liked it very much. It's just that it has a completely different take on music. Other major difference: in Nodame there are many interesting and different characters and many plot twists... while in Corda there are less characters, who aren't very different, and the story isn't that unpredictable.


Both are about music students, and both have strong female lead characters that are just a bit strange. Both animes have a strong appreciation of classical music and just by watching you can't help but learn something new about music.


Both series features competitions involving classical instruments and follow characters in their evolving relationships with other participants and with music itself.


La Corda D'Oro and Nodame Cantabille are both music anime that combine classical music, with romance and a bit of comedy! If you liked the beautiful music and sweet moments of one of them, you'll find the same characteristics while watching the other! They are both cute and you will surely enjoy watching one if yo have watched end liked the other!


Both animes are about music! Music lovers are sure to enjoy them. The realtionships in between the characters are sweet too, just that for La Corda, the ending was a bit wrong because the main character didn't end up with anyone. At least the animators didn't make it apparent.. But overall, both La Corda and Nodame Cantabile are really good!


Both series let you enjoy the master pieces of classical music. You can learn about hard work that people studying music must face and the sacrifices they have to make. If you liked one, you would surely liked the other.


A strong musical theme is present in both animes. Both heroines exhibit an inate love and joy in playing their respective instruments. Both heroines are also happily surrounded by handsome males that add romantic interests and comedy to their lives at school. It is inspiring to see the growth each character makes along the way throughout each story!


If you like Nodame Cantabile then you would also like la corda D"Oro ~primo passo~. I"m saying this because both of them mostly have music in them. Also, both anime starts out as music but, in the middle-ish alot of love is coming through. And thats what they have mostly in comman.


Both are sugoi to watch, listen, feel, learn, enjoy and appreciate classical music through the eyes, ears and heart of a female student protaganist.  Even hard rockers will convert into classical buffs.  Must watch for all music lovers!


Well, as someone said before me, yes, both are romance stories with the theme of classical music heavily poured upon both.La Corda D'Oro is paced a lot faster than Nodame Cantabile, and has more characters.In short, if you love classical music and a good hunk of drama to get your teeth into, Nodame Cantabile and La Corda D'Oro are the animes to look out for. ^_^



i'm sorry, did that catch your attention? i hope it did ... it did, didn't it? isn't that why you're reading this? well, they both have main characters, and minor characters, a plot, some random guy in the background, a girl tha- what? ooooohhhhhh, you want me to tell you about the anime itself ..... gosh, you should've said so in the first place!! well then ... the first thing you need to do is ...... WATCH THE ANIME YOURSELF!!! if you have time readint this thing -dang its long- then you should have time to watch it!! of course, the art is different, so i won't get mad at you if your eyes bleed because the guys are so hot, but seriously, you have GOT to watch it!! and when you do, tell me because i'm not sure if i've watched this either.

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Koyuki is a downcast fourteen-year-old boy who feels disconnected from life. Socially unpopular and lacking confidence, he takes some solace in his fandom of fluffy J-Pop. However, when he saves a strange dog from a group of cruel young bullies, his life changes forever; for through this encounter he meets a genius guitarist named Ryuunosuke and subsequently is introduced to the world famous rock band Dying Breed. Now, he uses his innate singing talent and beginning guitar skills to join with the indy startup band Beck, learning to live a life unlike anything he has ever known...


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If you like music of all kinds, then Beck might do. Although it's a pop, rock and roll type of band it's still music nonetheless. It's also a 'slice of life' type of anime. So you liked the music genre and slice of life drama in Nodame, then you might like Beck too. Although, it may not contain as many comedic elements as Nodame Cantabile.


Watch a group of young teens struggle to be recognized in the music world in both Beck and Nodame Cantabile. Both contain music from old classics to modern Japanese rock.


In both of these series we see a group of young adults that is deeply involved with music. While Nodame Cantabile has more humor in it than Beck I got the same feeling from both of them.


The anime style of the show is quite similar if you liked that aspect, and although they're not alike in genre, the music in both shows is good. Plotwise, the anime is quite different, however they both share the same undertones of young people and the choices they make.


Well, both shows concentrate on character realtions and music. Although in terms of music they are almost absoulutelly diffrent, both anime try to show that by hard work any kind of slob can become a good musician.


Both series seem to share a type of feeling you can only get by getting to know the main characters very well, you sometimes feel nervous just as they are about to deliver a performance and excited after seeing them succeed.


Both this anime are music based anime. but Nodame cantabile si more centred on Classical music and composition.

I think that you may watch both because the have different approch to the music: one is more "pop" and one is more professional but i find out that Nodame is funnier than Beck because the protagonist (nodame) is a very crazy girl and all the situation she createsare out of mind!


Both of these wonderful anime are, at their cores, about the finding, understanding, and love of music.  It could also be said that both deal with finding your own type of passion to Music (Joy of performing vs. Joy of performing perfectly).

While both follow different paths to these ends, I think it's pretty obvious that they're still inline; if you like one you will like the other (Disliking Rock or Classical withstanding).  


There is of course the difference in type of music, Beck being Rock, and Nodame being classic, But both instantly catches you. And even though you might think "yuck" at one of the things, you'll be suprised.

The music is great in both. But not only music. There's a deeper story in both nodame and beck, wich is just as catching, if not more.

So i higly recomend these.


Each of theses stories center around long shots trying to make it into the music world, either a small band or a student led orchestra. Although Nodame is definitely more of a comedy, they both have plenty of laughs and serious parts.

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Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoki Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right?

my list:

not rated
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8 people agree

Itazurana kiss and nodame cantabile revolve around a common theme and that is: The guys that they like or love are superior to them in every way but despite that they always try to be with them and try very hard to improve and become better for the sake of their love. The guy that they adore seems cold and distant, but as they spend more time together they guys soften up a bit and start to reveal their emotions through cold words of encouragement.(They desire that the girl would work hard so they can be together later on) Both of these anime are well written because you candefinitely tell that from the begining their personalities are very different, but as they spend more time together they start to show some traits from each other.


It involves the long development of a relationship and its hardships and doesn't have the conventional female character, and both are total messes.  I love both of the mangas, however Itazura's is incomplete. However Nodame doesn't have much kissing etc. 


Both Nodame Cantabile and Itazura na Kiss have male protagonists that are "perfect" in every way. Both are very critical and can speak their mind bluntly.

Even the female protagonists are very similar, both females can't cook, aren't very smart academically, but there is something about them that just gets the males in either series smitten.

The other similarity is that the males are striving to be something and the females only do their best just to be by their side- motivating each other.


Both series have similar characters in that they both have a somewhat clumsy girl who is in love with a popular talented guy who is not interested in the girl at first. Each series then focuses on the relationship between the girl and boy and how they grow closer. If you like the characters and their relationship in one you should try out the other.


Both anime center on girls trying to improve upon themselves so they can be with the man they love. Although it may not be easy both set of main character learn to compromise to be with eachother. With air headedness and cold yet funny behavior both anime are very entertianing while displaying the depths of love.


If you enjoyed Nodame Cantabile, then you will definitely feel the same way when you watch Itazura Na Kiss and vice versa. In NC, Nodame is not the smartest girl in the area. She's clumsy, weird, but there is something special about her. Its the same in Itazura Na Kiss. The girl is also not the smartest cookie in the batch. This is what makes both male leads become attracted to them. They both have something special. In NC, the male lead is wise, smart, and does everything correctly. He is also popular amongst all the guys in the school. In Na Kiss, the male lead is also that way. At first, you would think, 'Why would he ever pay attention to a girl like that?' but that is what we call 'opposites attract.' Nodame and Chiaki are completely different people with different ways of thinking. So are the female and male lead in Na Kiss. You will enjoy this anime if you love the comedic, romantic stylings in either one of them!


Both anime are about a girl who's an airheaded and with more value than she thinks. She falls in love with a handsome guy who, at first, seems to have no interest in her but finds out how wonderful she actually is later on. Both anime evolve through time and characterize the changes in their lives. Both are great romance anime shows and have their funny moments although I find Nodame Cantabile funnier. If you like one, I'm sure you'll enjoy the other one as well. 


I agree with all the other comments; When I watched Nodame Cantabile it remindedme a lot of Itazura na Kiss. They have similar types of characters and situations in the plot.



Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo; now she can finally be with her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance! On the train there, Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki – a girl who shares her name but seems to be everything Nana Komatsu is not; cool, street-wise, and a punk rocker. The two hit it off and spend the entire journey getting to know each other, but when they get to Tokyo, circumstance separates them seemingly forever. However, fate is not finished with these two. Whilst hunting for a place to live the two Nanas again cross paths. They decide to share a flat and become best friends in no time. Nana K. must learn to be independent and mature, while Nana O. works on becoming famous with her band; but together, they will learn about love and loss, and the growth that comes with it.

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Both are subarashi josei romance drama with great music.  Classical for Nodame vs Rock for Nana.  Light hearted comedy for Nodame vs epical slice of life for Nana.  It's a tie for the best in music and romance genres.  Must watch for all females!


You will love these two series. They are not very similiar, there are diffrences in characters mentaly, the way that their are working to makes their dreams come true, even music is completly diffrent. Nodame Contabile is more pure, altought Nana shows relationships and live more directly. But both are the best series about music in anime history .


Nodame Cantabile and Nana have many things in common, both are josei type animes, both feature music as a main genre (classical for Nodame, rock/punk for Nana) and both feature a nice romance aspect (romantic comedy for Nodame, dramatic slice of life for Nana), i recommend this one especialy for females and for those who seen one of them for sure they will enjoy the other one as well.


Each of these series are about the difficulties of the music world, have plenty of laughs, and the main a character that is similar in how absurd they are (Nodame and Hatchi). If you enjoyed one of these shows, you'll like the other.


Of course the series feel similar, having to deal with music, but moreso the feeling of similarity I get is from the way the music progresses the storylines. In both shows, they really put their souls into their music, and through this, they learn about themselves (whether that is a good or a bad thing).


both are great animes in which main character is trying her best to acheive her passion along side with love,romance and friendship valuesIf you like one you will for sure like other 

watch it online now!