Ninja Scroll: The Series

TV (13 eps)
2.958 out of 5 from 4,160 votes
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A half-man, half-beast is chased by foes wielding power of an unpleasant nature. He would certainly be slaughtered, his mission failed, if not for the intervention of a wandering mercenary -- Kibagami Jubei. With the last of his strength, he gives Jubei a mysterious jewel, thereby transferring his mission: deliver the jewel at all costs to the Priestess of Light. The mystery of the jewel's powers, and the identities of those fiends who quest for it... these are questions whose answers will only be found through blood and battle.

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PhdInCartoons's avatar by PhdInCartoons on Feb 27, 2013
Score: 4.8/10

Story Very poor. This anime has filler episodes even though it is very short. When you do eventually get an idea of the plot, it isn't anything new or exciting. Rather boring and predictable actually.   Animation O.K. at best. Noticeably lacking in fight scenes. The backgrounds and character designs sre ok, but considering this is an action anime the lack of quality is telling. It means that there is... read more

gijoe250's avatar by gijoe250 on Jun 13, 2012
Score: 6/10

I just doesn't live up to its movie comparison. It had an interesting idea, but once again the killer of all shows was the fact was the story was just to simple for me to care about. The battles were not even crazy enough for me to care. I just kept thinking how in the movie everything looked so much cooler, more alive. In this anime, it was just lacking the character emotion. That being said, the... read more

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