Ninja Nonsense

Alt title: Ninin ga Shinobuden

TV (12 eps)
3.153 of 5 from 4,050 votes
Rank #3,265

When Kaede, a girl frustrated with her grades like any other teenager, finds a female Ninja attempting to steal her underwear, she didn't expect a friendship to be the result. And as the modern day world of ordinary high schooler Kaede collides with Ninja-in-training Shinobu, she soon comes to discover that the world of modern day Ninjas are filled with parties, picnics, and the training of the elder master Ninja yellow form changing glob: Onsokumaru!

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triplestrike Jun 1, 2011
Score 8.4/10

Delightful. Story: Practically zero story, this is a comedy, you don't watch it for the story. Animation: No blatent flaws, anime always uses the it to its strengths for wacky funny reasons. Sound: I can still hear the menu screen bouncing around in my head. Pretty neat, nothing much past that in terms of music design, however the sounds are always spot on. Characters: They are the real Comedy... read more

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Ninja Nonsense
  • Vol: 4; Ch: 68
  • 2002 - 2006
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