Ninja Bear

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Ninja Bear

The Ninja International Kindergarten in the Land of White Goats is where kids trying to become the world's best ninjas go to school. Ninja Bear is aiming to become the master of the food chain or, in short, a master ninja! He's training night and day. Other colorful and unique characters like Hige-chan, Bunnie Antoinette, Ham Rock Star, and Usawan are classmates at the school. No challenge is too great for these cool guys! Enjoy their carefree and mischievous life at the Ninja Kindergarten! And yet...wars created by adults seem to continue in every era. The Land of White Goats and the Land of Black Goats are in an all-out war over paper, a valuable resource for the goat kingdoms. How long will this seemingly endless struggle continue? What does fate have in store for Ninja Bear and his friends?"

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