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Ningyo Hime Marina no Bouken

Alt titles: Adventures of the Little Mermaid

Ningyo Hime Marina no Bouken
2.14 out of 5 from 175 votes
Rank #4,462


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Name Role
Takehiro MIYANO Director
Hiroaki SEI Music
Michiaki KATO Music
Masao TAKIYAMA Producer

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all my anime #1 ANIMEamber 659 Sep 3, 2012
nice dutchmary 20 Mar 9, 2012
k9nigai keh0ratiN 25 Aug 26, 2011

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  • Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
  • 1981

Unico is a special unicorn with the ability to make anyone he meets happy. But the gods are not pleased, and out of jealousy, they bid the West Wind to exile young Unico to the Hill of Oblivion, where he shall stay, alone, forever. Luckily, the West Wind is a kind soul and instead, hides Unico away from place to place, keeping him shielded from the eyes of the gods. Along the way, Unico must make new friends and even save the world from an evil power!

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Marina and Unico are both anime, whose titular characters are mythical beings, a mermaid in Marina and a unicorn in Unico. Family-friendly and adventure-filled, these titles are also somewht dated. If you liked the magical happenstances in one of them, try the other one too.